More Liturgy of the Hours Questions


If my wife throws me out would you rent me a room? :grimacing:

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Absolutely, although I highly doubt she will do that. :slight_smile: I hope this book helps you with the three volume set.

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No, she might just bash me round the head with it.

I shall now be most impatient until it arrives.

When it does arrive I shall give it a quick overview and report back how it helps with the English & Welsh three-volume Divine Office.

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Another question:

Are Sundays in Ordinary Time treated as Solemnities or Feasts?


What happens if the Solemnity of the Anniversary of the Dedication of a Particular Church happens on a Sunday. I have realised that the anniversary of my Church’s dedication is on Sunday, 16th of February.

Thank you for your help!

Also, please forgive me, but…

Often there is only one psalm, split into three sections labeled with Roman Numerals - is the Gloria patri said after each section, or simply at the end of the entire psalm? Also, what if there are two psalms: one that is listed entirely in one section, and then a different psalm that is split into two sections? When is the Gloria patri said in this case?

I try not to get caught up in legalities, but I do think that as Christ died for us, the least we can do is understand the rubrics correctly.

Follow the calendar rubrics; every Sunday is a solemnity, but a local celebration may outrank an O.T. Sunday (such as your example).

After each section.

Ditto above.


The rubrics do allow, however, for the psalm to be said entirely in one block, straight through, under one antiphon.

You’re right, of course. I forgot about that. I default to whatever iBreviary does most of the time (even though I don’t use the app most of the time).

@catholic03, I have a sheet that lists out the order of precedence in a nice one page format. If you would like it, please send me a PM with your email and I can send it to you.


@TomH1, just curious if you received the book yet and if it works for your three volume set?

Funnily, enough it arrived in today’s post. I was a little surprised by the size but that’s because I’d made an assumption with no reason for making it. I’d assumed it would be the same size as the books in the … for Dummies series.

I’m also glad you asked because when I opened the package this morning I was thinking to myself what was that thread on CAF called. Now, I shall save the email that alerted me to your post and will be easily able to get back here.

I’m off work this coming week so I intend to look at it on Monday. No chance of getting to it before then. But, I’ll come back and say how well I think it helps.

I have been working through the book. I’m reserving judgement on it for now. I’ve had to read a lot before getting to something I can compare. The earliest was a task set to work through the psalmody for Evening Prayer for Fridays in Week III of the Psalter. The two psalms in Nugent’s book are the same as found in the English Divine Office. However, the New Testament canticle is not. Therefore, I have to infer the US Liturgy of the Hours and English Divine Office diverge at least on this.

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