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Is it obligatory that a person must stand during the Invitatory and Canticle when reciting the LotH alone?

Also, what if you don’t know the tune for a hymn? Do you recite the hymn, or skip it?

(I have the 4-volume set.)


I sure hope not, because I often pray the LotH sitting in the pew before Mass or in my car before work. I spent a few days last summer with at the monastery of some Poor Clare nuns, and I don’t remember them standing for either of these, either. (They may have…I just don’t remember.)

The hymns - I usually skip them (and haven’t really missed them). I know very few of them anyway, so I would usually just read through them.

My 2 cents.


I’m a sitter too. Usually I’m at home or in a pew. Sometimes during a coffee break at work I will find a quiet corner or go out to my car.

And I don’t know that many hymns and I am not much of a singer. I pray the ones I know and sometimes glance at the others. I try my best to stay immersed in the entire prayer and not “come up for air” to think about things like this. Distractions happen, however. So I am not always as successful at it I’d like to be.

I like this thread. Thanks for asking this question. :slight_smile:



You don’t have to stand for the Invitatory and Canticle.

And you can read the hymns if you don’t know the tunes.

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