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Does anybody with OCD have a compulsion where, when they’re worried about something have to talk it out with someone, but not just talk but keep repeating themselves over and over?

I do. And recently I realized that I even do this during prayer. I hate it! Any suggestions, especially for doing this during prayer?


We cannot advise you. We can only tell you to consult your medical professionals


Like how do you mean?


Is it about repeating conversations you just had with someone? I often do that.


From what I’ve seen of her here it’s when she has a question she will continue asking it no matter how many answers she has received.

I’ve also noticed that she seems to need yes/no answers.


I will say something to my husband that I’m worried about and it either doesn’t feel like I’ve said it right or feels like I haven’t actually said it at all, and I have to keep saying it or asking it over and over.

I do this with my husbands answers, too, and keep making him repeat himself.


Um… thanks?


I’m not asking for medical advice. I’m asking for suggestions on how to pray to not repeat myself.


I understand that it’s OCD or before I knew it a quirk of yours. Not meant to criticize you but to explain what I think you were referring to based what I’ve seen here.


I can’t say I have this same compulsion, but after leaving a place the conversation automatically is said aloud. Even in my apt! and almost “word for word”. It might be to see how my answers sounded to the other person? As far as prayer goes, just pray how you usually do to ask God to help you stop.


I was thinking that I don’t need to repeat myself while praying to God because He knows all, but what about when praying to Mary for her intercession, or to St. Dymphna for hers?

I was doing it last night when, just before praying the rosary, I kept repeating myself when praying to Mary about what my rosary prayers were for.

Does Mary know my heart and mind like God does?

What about St. Dymphna?


I am sorry to hear that you’re struggling with OCD, this must be distressing for you at times. Although you say that you’re not asking for medical advice, if you haven’t been to a doctor recently about struggling with your OCD - I would advise you to do so. I am sure you know how serious OCD is and I think, as they’re professionals, they are most likely able to help you deal with your OCD which then will help you with your problems with prayer. I can not emphasize enough that their professional help and opinions are way more important than what people who are not professional can advise you with. OCD is no easy thing to deal with, I really hope you get all the help you need and people are supportive around you.


Thanks. I see a psychiatrist and am on medication. I’d spent years in therapy, too.


Glad to hear so, maybe mention this to them and they might be able to help? Thank you for posting anyways, it’s brave and I hope someone else has some good ideas. :star2::star2::star2:


Thanks for your kindness. Sometimes posters on CAF aren’t as kind as you are when this subject (or behaviors associated with it) comes up. :slight_smile:


Its an issue that can impact very negatively on you, your regular life and your prayer life if you follow bad uneducated advice. People mean well but that does not confirm their advice is right. Look at any Chaplet or the Rosary. Repeated prayer. But that is not your issue.
This is why CAF has these rules.

Medical help or consult your Priest.


You’re very welcome, I was just nervous someone would give bad advice and then it would either not help or worsen your compulsion. I really do think working with your professionals on your OCD will then reflect positively in your prayer life. I would love to give you a quick answer or fix but I know this is something that has to be dealt with from the core. Never give up, never be afraid to tell someone who can help how things are going and I promise that even when things are looking like they aren’t getting better - they will when you seek help. I promise you’re worth recovery :star2:


Thank you so much! {{{{{hugs}}}}}


God knows our heart and minds. As for the Saints, they know we are sincere and will intercede for us, if it be God’s will.


Ask Mary directly when praying to “intercede” on your behalf to God. She is in heaven. or choose a saint that perhaps has an impact on your life, and pray to them. “And I ask you, St. Dymphna to help me overcome the mental difficulties i’m having with OCD”?

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