more or less threads about jw's?


lately, there has been alot of talk on the forums about the jw’s.
iam wondering if all of you think we should talk less about them and more about other beliefs?

Do you think the subject of the jw’s has been hashed over to much lately? do you think we need to talk about some other
belief for awhile?

why am i asking? well, because there has been alot of talk about them, and i was wondering if you’d like to see the focus
in non Catholic religions about other beliefs for a change?

now mind you, iam certainly not tired about this subject because there have been a few witnesses in here since the tract, the end of false religion is near came to our boards.

we have been discussing witnesses alot lately. i think it is good to talk about it because it sheds light on their belief system that one might not know about.

however, consider this also, there are members here who have relatives or spouses who are jw’s, and it can be a source of comfort to those who are in the situations dealing with their
loved ones who are jw’s.

so, do you think all the discussion has been beneficial or not?
did you learn alot more than you knew before? has it helped you to understand the society better? i think it does.

i also like to talk to those who are/were in the situation i was in years ago as a jw, and my family trying to get me out of it.
i have, and continue to be pm’ed over this topic alot because of my experience. i enjoy hearing from you all who pm me.

i want to discuss here if the threads are to much, or do we need to discuss more about? some might think, how much more information do we need? i think more because there are and always will be people who need a source of comfort from us, or information, or are just seeking to help others out.

so what is your 2 cents worth on this?


Seems to me we discuss a given belief system until it is no longer necessary. It’s self-limiting.
God bless,


I always read the JW threads because I am a former JW shrugs
Discuss away.


Absolutely. We should not exclude any religion. If the topic comes up, let’s discuss it. Trouble is, we need the JWs to participate and that is not likely as they are not willing to listen.


Oh boy, its another one of those JW threads. :wink:

For a few of those threads, I don’t think we had a choice. We had a hit and run poster come in and try to push his beliefs on us. Since he didn’t want to dialog, he kind of upset some people.

I wish we were able to have a JW come here and wade through all the strong reaction and honestly answer questions with their own biased view. I wouldn’t expect them to have every answer to every question because I don’t have every answer to every question about Catholicism or about my Protestant upbringing. I just hope that we all could be respectful for them. They have feelings too.

Marilena, I know you feel strongly about them and your time that you feel was wasted. Heck, I feel the same way and almost want it to just go away. The problem is that’s a part of my life. I come here almost everyday and lurked around for several months before I finally registered and started posting. I’ve read countless stories from other people (yours included) and their problems and I’ve prayed fom them, learned from them, and felt encouraged by them no matter what they were going through.

Even just when I think its almost over, I get contacted by an exjw whose family is still active and he wants my friendship.
I think that its all just about to make me go insane sometimes.
“Just when I think I’m out, they keep pulling me back in! …”
–Michael Corleone.

I got nowhere else to go for love and support. I feel that here. I hope that there are those here that still want to be there for me even if its just to argue sometimes. :slight_smile:

There’s no threads complaining about how much space is devoted to protestants, jews, mormans, etc. I believe that’s probably why there’s a Non-Catholic Religions section to this forum. Its an outlet for those that have issues and those that have questions.


I don’t think we have too many threads on anyone at all.
This is the non-Catholic section of CA.
We don’t seem to get any Buddhists here to discuss issues with, so seems no point in opening threads about them.
We get the Mormons, Muslims, other Christian groups, Pagans and Wiccans, and those threads are really interesting.
I just wish the JWs would stick around longer to discuss more.
I think we all learn something from any thread that is opened, I know I take away something from each one, even if it just more love for Jesus.


i’ve never stated i thought it was wasting my time:) i love talking to them evenif they are bull headed. and they can be as we all know, but hey, iam bullheaded to! :smiley: i don’t give up on them, and i never will. i mean look at me, a former witness! i never thought i’d ever get out of there!

i got out because of my mom, and the love of my family. if i did not have that, i still think i’d be a lost soul in the society. i have also met so many wonderful ex witnesses here, carol marie,just b, and others:) wonderful people! i could never think any of these threads was a waste of my time because if they
were, i wouldn’t have posted this:)

i asked this poll because i got the impression from some here that they were tired of all the jw threads, so i posted this with those in mind. :thumbsup:


Didn’t vote I think the non-catholic section does its rounds…for some time it tends to focuss only on Islam, at others mormonism and at others on JWs. The only problem with the last two is that they tend to be one sided discussions not getting sufficient dialogue with mormons or JWs so there isnt too much benefit in the threads.


I always talk to the JWs when they come to the door. I keep talking until they decide to leave.

For one thing, it keeps them from trying to evangelize my neighbors, who may not be as well prepared for them as I am.

Now, the JWs that come by here travel in teams with one “elder” and one “apprentice.” So I direct my comments towards the apprentice, answering the un-Christian arguments of the elder on the topic du jour and attempting to show the apprentice how the JWs are misinterpreting the scriptures.

Up until now, my objective has been to give the apprentice something to think about, by showing how scripture repeatedly shows Jesus Christ really is God, and how heaven will not be limited to 144,000.

Yesterday I read the conversion stories at the Catholic Ex-JW website.

It struck me that many ex-JWs, having been disfellowshipped by an unforgiving hall rather than having become disillusioned with their doctrines, turn to atheism instead of Christianity. Why, they reason, should I live for anything other than myself, since I’m going to be annihilated anyway?

I’m going to change my focus when evangelizing to my door-to-door visitors. I will attempt to show them that disfellowshipping will not lead them to be annihilated and eternally cut off from God’s love, as long as they confess their sins and ask His boundless, merciful forgiveness.

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