More people say they were drugged by sample chocolate bar at Denver County Fair's 'Pot Pavilion'



Denver County Fair officials confirmed they are investigating at least three separate cases of people who said they were drugged after eating a Full Melt Chocolate bar that contained THC at the Denver County Fair’s Pot Pavilion.

Denver County Fair Spokesperson, Dana Cain said at least two of those people went to the hospital after they became dizzy, sick and confused. They tested positive for THC.


“They were giving out samples and they made sure to tell us that the samples are just a sample of their chocolate, that doesn’t have any THC in it, and the guy went so far as to let us know if we came into the store, the ones in the store would taste different,” Jones said.

If only they legalized marijuana, this kind of tragedy would not happen. :shrug:


I am wondering just what, exactly, those folks were expecting?

This has such a huge “duh” factor…


I wonder if the guy they spoke to was under the influence of their product from the store?


Avoid the snacks at the “Pot Pavilion.”

Don’t date the girls in the Manson family.

Don’t ask for a drink from a moonshiner.


And in might be wise to drive around Colorado rather than through it.


Or just stick to the slopes and avoid the dopes!


CO is so stupid right now. No way will I and my husband go there for vacation until all this is figured out. Drugs floating around. The government does not what one to smoke but toking is ok?

The guy should be arrested for making people sick. :mad:


I imagine that they were expecting chocolate with no cannabis or THC, the active ingredient of marijuana, in it since the person said it didn’t contain any.

That said, I really feel bad for these people. I have no idea what it is like to be “high” on cannabis/marijuana/THC but I imagine it’s not pleasant if you’re not expecting it. The symptoms that these people experienced do sound scary. I probably would have been afraid that I was having a stroke or heart attack as well.

I really hope that the investigation finds out for sure what happened. If this Pot Pavilion was giving out samples of chocolate with THC/cannabis in it when they said that they were not then legal action needs to be taken.


The guy needs to pay the emergency room bilsl if nothing else. ERs cost a lot now.


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