More prayer with the saints


Tonight as my head touched the pillow I started to pray for a friend that was in trouble and included some thoughts that I felt St. Mary could help out with.

I realized that I am probably the millionth person to ask for her intercession today. If a million people asked me to do something all in the same day, there would be no way I could process even a tiny percentage of the requests.

So what happens when one goes from plain earth human to a citizen of heaven? Do you get smart? Do you become unbound by time? Surely one does not become God, but - forgive the term - how much “more Godly” does one become? I assume one gets to hear prayers. There is one example of a superhuman difference between us and the higher ups. How many more are there?

I would love to read thoughts on the matter and am looking for a place to start. Thanks.


I would say that yes, you become unbound by time, but that is almost impossible for us to visualize because we’ve always been bound by time. In a sense, we probably get “smarter” as well because to intercede for us, God would have give us the capacity to hear thousands or millions of prayers at a time.

In regards to Our Lady, let’s look at a mother here on earth with say, 8 children. It’s a handfull, but she still manages to keep up with all of them. Now, back to Our Lady, technically most of her children are there in heaven already, so I doubt a couple billion here on earth phases her much. Being more than 2,000 years old by our standards probably gives you the experience to do more than you would normally, lol.


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