More prayers, please


Please pray for me, for I keep getting tempted to vainity, anger, self-love, and pride, and falling for it. And please pray for my protection from the devil, who continues to tempt me with visions.


Visions… you know enough to ignore. Fix your heart on God. :slight_smile: Prayers here. St. Michael, ora pro nobis.

When a person is having great difficulty with diabolical activity, consulting a trustworthy priest and having him help find an exorcist can be a good path. Also, study of books written for the spiritual battle, such as the Catholic portions of the Philokalia.


Don’t know if this applies, but Father Frank Pavone (and others) advises never to communicate with the evil one. Doing so only opens a door, or a window of opportunity for further attacks. I changed my practice upon hearing this sage advice, asking the Lord or His Angels to do the rebuking. Have you employed a spiritual warfare prayer? I can attest to their effectiveness when one is under attack. Just Google “Catholic spiritual warfare prayer”. There are several good ones. And, so I pray:

Father of mercy, we beseech you to come to the aid of Eucharisted in his time of torment. May Saint Michael the Archangel rush to do battle with the evil one and his minions. Grant that all attacks against his faith and purity of thought be banished for the sake of Your Kingdom. May the gifts of the Holy Spirit be his in full measure, enabling him to turn constantly and consistently to You for assistance in all times of trouble. Grant him the ability to instantly recognize the source of all spiritual communication, so that he may immediately reject darkness and flee to You, the Source of all truth and light. Mercifully combine our prayers with those of the Saints to form an endless petition for spiritual peace and mercy in the life of this faithful brother in Christ. We ask this through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, One God for ever and ever. Amen! Alleluia!



Please give us the strength and the willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to enter into our hearts, minds, and souls.

  1. The patience allowing us to enter into the conversation of powerful prayers and to pray daily

  2. The courage to go to confession regularly so we may be forgivien. To work hard on turning away from sin, and to put away pride if we need counseling to help us from repetititive sin.

  3. The charity to forgive those who hurt us and trespass aganist us, for it the first step in reconcilation with You that through forgiving others we can only be forgiven.

  4. The foritude to visit Jesus regularly in the Blessed Sacrament and receive Jesus within us through the Sacrament of Communion so we may become one with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Christ’s Church, (the Holy, Roman,Catholic,and Apostolic Church).

Lord, give us the knowledge to know when to listen as to what it is you want from us and for us the insight to be direct with You Lord should we be of need.

We ask this of you Lord in absolute faith and knowlege of the Passion and sacrafices you have given us so that we may one day be with you in Paradise, for it is through your allowing us free will that should guide our actions and faith so You should retain all the Glory.



I will pray for you to banish these thoughts, and to be stronger each and everyday as you overcome them.:slight_smile:


May the Lord grant you wisdom and balance! :slight_smile:






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