More Prayers Please!


I have been having chest pains off and on for the past week.

Today I did see my doctor. The EEG test came back normal. My BP is 136/90 my pulse is good too. The doctor did do additional blood work to see if I am at a cardiac high risk (I am 38, but overweight and high cholesterol at 223). If it comes back high then I will have to see a cardiologist, but if it comes back low, then this is good.

I am nervous and scared. For one this month is the 25th anniversary my mother’s death (she died from cirhossis) and I turn 39 in October. Needless to say I rarely drink, but I have this fear of dying at a young age with two young children (ages 5 and 3). I almost died while pregnant with our daughter, so that fear has been lingering.

In addition I am under a lot of stress. I am a SAHM and the situation with my husband’s job is not good. The financial stress is affecting both of us.

I love my children very much, but lately our son is just not behaving. He is what one calls the “wild child” while some think this is humorous, I do not think so. I am right now the sole disciplinarian which makes my job very hard. My husband lets the kids get away with a lot of stuff and it is getting very frustrating.

Please help and pray for me!


Of course I will pray for you!

I just want to offer that it might be anxiety-related. It sounds like you have several stressors in your life. Counseling might be able to offer you some tools for relaxation and coping skills to manage the issues you are facing.


I did get my results today. There was two types of blood work done. The cardiac one came back normal which was a relief. The other one was for inflammation and I do have some inflammation in my body so the doctor prescribed prednisone.

However my blood pressure is slightly elevated and I saw the warning saying do not take if you have high blood pressure. Also I am not too keen on the weight gain part of this drug.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Cincimom ,I will pray for you and your family.May God bless you


:gopray2: me too :blessyou:


Your name will added to the list of prayers on the Rosary thread for CAF members…:bowdown:


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