More Problems at the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

When is someone going to clean house at the CCHD? It just needs to GO AWAY.



When 51 out of 250 grants is “problematic” it highlights some serious management incompetence.

And I don’t think this is something that can really be fixed in place because the source of these choices is the real issue. The people running the CCHD must be removed, and the only way to really truly clean house is to just shut it down.


It just goes to show that no institution, not even the Church, is safe from the devil’s snares. But Mother Church will prevail, never fear.

Oh yes - I do agree with this! But in the mean time babies are slaughtered, peoples souls are led to hell, and a proper understanding of what Catholics truly believe is destroyed by organizations that blur the lines.

So while the gates of hell will not prevail, in the mean time we need to stop the damage to the Church and the world were we live right NOW!


What do you do about it in your parish or neck of the woods?

Do talk to others in your parish or petition the diocese to direct that $$ elsewhere?

Click the link in my signature. This is what my husband and I do about it.


Thank you – I will!

God bless you in your work/ministry,


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