More resistance to the M.P;jsessionid=RQIIKEBUYF5JDQFIQMGSFFWAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/06/16/nmass116.xml

At this rate…

This does not surprise me at all. As others have pointed out. The MP is separating the wheat from the tares.

Just praying this MP does not allow the local Bishops to say no to the TLM. Ours has not allowed a legitimate Latin Mass in this area ever.:banghead:

This is a quote from the article. This is a very sad reason to oppose the Traditional Mass

“But liberals are deeply wary because a number of the rite’s adherents are associated with ultra conservative groups that oppose the radical reforms ushered in by the Council.”

“They are also worried that the move signals the Pope’s growing determination to reinforce conservative doctrines in his battle against the forces of secularism.”

I wouldn’t put too much weight on what the British Media say when reporting on Catholicism… especially the Old Mass…

Comments like “16th C. Rite” and “back to the congregation” and other aforementioned comments in the article show its a bad piece of non/little-researched journalism.

First, let’s have the Motu Proprio actually be released and in force.

THEN let the whining begin.

IN the meantime:

See bobcatholic


I’m with you! I’m 25 years old, and I’ve never, ever heard of any Latin masses ever being celebrated anywhere within driving distance! I’m dying of curiosity!!

:gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2:


Does anyone have an idea of when this is going to be released? I’m very new to the TLM forum.

The earliest projected date now is sometime “before BXVI’s vacation” which is in July. All bets are off, though, if more bishops start appealing. And what are the odds of that not happening?

It seems to me that all of this opposition is the reason why the MP is taking so long to be issued. There’s no point in having it if the bishops will forbid any TLM in their jurisdiction. I suspect that a lot of diplomacy and such is being conducted to ensure that this document actually has teeth.

:smiley: I love it!

As for the second quote, is “reinforcing conservative doctrines in his battle against the forces of secularism” suddenly a bad thing?
What is up with these people?:confused:

That’s because the leftists, who go around talking about “inclusiveness” are not inclusive when it comes to the Classical Roman Rite.

This is their (lack of) thought process:
Clown masses? Yes. Having Protestant Ministers preach? Yes. Allowing gay weddings? Yes. Women priests? Yes. Allowing non-Christian religions at Assisi? Yes. We gotta be inclusive and open minded! :slight_smile:

The classical Roman Rite? WHOA WHOA WHOA! We can’t have THAAAAAAAAAAT! We can’t be inclusive and open minded about that!!

Now the London Times says it’s “just his personal opinion” referring to the Pope. Gee, I’m glad he’s good for something. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I’m being sarcastic, of course.

That’s pathetic. Has he ever explained why?

Dominus tecum.

Strangely, our archbishop (who is widely known to be liberal) does allow TLM at one parish in our diocese. We’re getting new bishop in August – I don’t expect him to be unfavorable to TLM.

Thanks emyers. Still curious why many bishops in fact do not allow the TLM. Would be appropriate for them to publicly demonstrate the courage to explain their positions in light of the Pope’s feelings.

Dominus tecum.

Originally Posted by KathleenElsie
Just praying this MP does not allow the local Bishops to say no to the TLM. Ours has not allowed a legitimate Latin Mass in this area ever.

In fairness, Kathleen, the bishop has only been installed three years. If you look at the diocesan paper today, several priests are assigned to two parishes. We just don’t have enough to go around. Holy Family in Latrobe has 1800 families and 4906 individuals registered. They just lost an assistant pastor, and the usual five masses must now be reduced.

That’s only THIS year. During the past several times that assignments were listed, many priests serve more than one parish, not just the ones listed in today’s paper.

Just how can you expect them to add a TLM for a small minority of those who desire it? It isn’t very feasible. In the example of the above parish being reduced to only one priest, would you insist he have an additional mass now just for the latin rite people?

These are the facts we face, and our Bishops are more aware than perhaps the Pope who has not taken this into account with his decision.

You may have to adjust your preferences and go with the flow, much though it be to your disliking.

a Liberal Roman Catholic Clergyman told me the reason he and the bishops oppose the TLM is becuase of all of the outdated Moral baggage that comes with it. THis is his words and opinion. Now lets see…Satan is definately behind this and there is a HUGE spiritual battle taking place RIGHT NOW!

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