More Rogation Days Coming!

Are you ready for Monday? May 18-20 are the Minor Rogation Days. How do you celebrate them? I like to read from the missal and also do abstinence. Any other ideas, especially for families with children?

Hey peeps! No ideas to share? Let’s think creatively. I believe this is what the Church needs at this time. Fresh ideas that bridge the old to the new. And that give children something to love and hold on to.

We are going to spend more time in prayer as a family, and then we have a procession and mass in the evening.

That is wonderful!

I forgot to mention the “Litany of the Saints,” which is traditionally recited on the Rogation Days.

Notes from The Daily Missal and Liturgical Manual, Baronius Press (this is a beautiful gold-trimmed missal to give as a gift):

“Earthquakes and other calamities afflicted the diocese of Vienne in Dauphiny (France) in the fifth century, and St. Mamertus, who was bishop of that diocese, instituted a penitential procession with public supplications on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before Ascension Day. In 816, Pope Leo III introduced it into Rome, and soon after it became a general observance throughout the Church.

The Litany of the Saints, the psalms and prayers sung during the Procession on these days are supplications: hence the name of Rogation Days (rogare, to ask) applied to them. The object of these rogation supplications is to appease the anger of God and avert the scourges of His justice, and to pray for the harvest.

A similar function is observed on April 25th , on the feast of St. Mark, but this is of Roman origin.”

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Will pray Psalm 69 and fast.

I admire anyone who fasts-and if we can’t fast at a time like this, what will it take?

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What are Rogation days?

Please see Catholic Answers link I posted above :smiley:

I had never heard of this before now either!

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