More Schools Choose to Teach Abstinence-Plus

The West Texas town is known for oil and Republican presidents, not progressive social policy. But after watching the teenage pregnancy rates creep up year after year — 172 pregnant girls were enrolled in the city’s public schools last year — many in the community realized something needed to change.

“These are girls as young as 13 that are pregnant; some of them are on their second pregnancies,” said Tracey Dees, the supervisor of health services in this district of just under 22,000 students, adding that many of the girls reported having sexually transmitted infections as well.

I attended public school and in our health class we did learn about birth control methods
(in a 1-semester class, meeting everyday, we probably spent three weeks on sexual health and two days on birth control out of those three weeks.) I have no idea what gets taught in an abstinence-only curriculum, but my impression has been that it’s focused primarily on morals and students don’t receive a lot of medical information - i.e. what the different parts of reproductive systems are and how they function. Some of that may be covered in biology class (I would hope), but could someone tell me what an abstinence-only curriculum contains in terms of health information?

I feel that would be useful in helping me form an opinion about this. In general, I think that providing medically accurate information is important for young people, especially to correct misperceptions (such as certain positions means no pregnancy). In addition to just learning how our bodies functioned, we also learned statistics on the most common STDs, as well as their effects short-term and long-term and how they were transmitted. Learning that information definitely made me want to wait!

Pregnancy and STDs galore; thats the price kids pay for extremely poor sex education and bad parenting. Its almost criminal.

medically accurate is fine, but telling them its okay to have sex because you can’t control your hormones, is not. <— Planned Parenthood style sex ed is this type!

Healthy relationships, eliminate peer pressure, help conquer low self esteem…all better than giving the # for planned parenthood or handing out free condoms.

I like what I hear from Jason Evert. I listened to a sample of his talk (on his website) and I think that his talk should be in EVERY SCHOOL (He has a secularized talk for public schools as well as the biblical one for Catholic or Christian schools).

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