More state legislatures recognizing pornography is harmful [CNA]

#1, Va., Feb 18, 2017 / 03:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Virginia could become the third state to officially recognize the harmful effects of pornography.

By a vote of 82-8, the Virginia House of Delegates on Feb. 2 passed a resolution recognizing that pornography leads to “individual and societal harms.”

The resolution says pornography is biologically addictive and hurts families. The use of pornography may normalize violence and abuse, lead to the hypersexualization of teenagers, and increase acceptance of risky behavior, the resolution said.

Nine delegates did not vote on the resolution, which now heads to the Senate for consideration.

The measure was introduced by Delegate Robert G. Marshall, a Republican from Prince William. The original wording recognized pornography as a “public health crisis,” but that language was changed, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

Both chambers of the South Dakota legislature unanimously passed a resolution against pornography. The Jan. 31 vote in the House was 65-0, following a 35-0 vote in the Senate.

The South Dakota resolution used wording that recognized pornography as a public health hazard. The language was identical to that of a resolution the Utah legislature passed unanimously in March 2016.

Other countries are also considering the effects of widespread pornography.

In December 2016 the Canadian House of Commons unanimously approved a motion introduced by MP Arnold Viersen instructing health officials to examine the public health effects of violent pornography on adults and children.

Canada’s last major public study on sexually explicit material was the 1985 Fraser Committee Report.

“It is appalling that the last time Canada studied the impact of violent sexually explicit material was 30 years ago, before the invention of the internet,” Viersen said in March 2016. “This is a public health issue, it’s a women’s equality issue and it is time for Parliament to make this a priority.”

Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, backed the Canadian resolution. She citied research showing “neurologic changes to the brain that mimic drug addiction.” Other research indicated a link between pornography and increases in sexual dysfunction and even sexual violence.

“Once a social or health issue involves problems that affect individuals or groups beyond their capacity to correct, responsibility shifts from individual accountability to holding the forces and influences that cause it accountable,” Hawkins said in December.

She said it is “vital” for all countries with heavy internet use to study the effects of pornography on younger generations. She suggested there needs to be a public health campaign against “the use and normalization of pornography.”

About 27 percent of children are exposed to pornography even before puberty, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation said.

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Good! Hopefully they ban it and take all that **** off the internet where it is literally unavoidable! :thumbsup:


Glad my state government is finally doing something good.


The government could do it if it wished. But Hollywood would never allow it.


the world without abortion and pornography would be a much better place!


Our president appeared in 3 soft porn films as a cameo role.

Not fake news.


It’s also increasingly violent. Trust me on this, as someone that struggles with porn addiction (I have no reason to hide it, God already knows). Striking women has become a norm in pornography. It’s degrading too. I have found some non-religious reasons to oppose porn (believe it or not, a lot of atheists and agnostics are against it too) based on said violence. I don’t think must people look at their songs and daughters and think “hmm, maybe one day he/she can be a porn actor/actress”. It’s important to remember that many folks in the porn industry come from abusive backgrounds. Drug usage is common, and there’s not be more than a few suicides in the porn industry. Pray for the people involved in this, men and women. Pray for those that struggle with addiction to it and pray for legislators to find a way to curb its influence.


Why not, they seem to be just fine with the FCC censoring tv shows, even on cable tv. Ive never heard anyone, even the most liberal minded person calling for the FCC to stop this practice, so more nudity and language can be shown on television…??

The FCC is a federally funded agency, that basically regulates morality when it comes to television, it is kind of strange that they are still around, considering the times we live in, and how no one wants their govt to be telling them what is moral and what is not!


Good news. Very good news.



How dare you, Trump is a morally upstanding defender of traditional values!



Why is a government against a sexual lifestyle chosen by consenting adults. Why so discriminatory? This is a violation of civil rights.


oh, did you watch them yourself? can you name them?


No, it’s not.

Warning: The following Time magazine cover in the article is suggestive.



What a phenomenal non-sequitur of a response.




Admitting to the fact pornography is harmful may seem like a meaningless symbolic gesture to many but it is significant because for so long the anti-Christian, ‘pro-women,’ ‘pro-science’ popular media in the West, which has an influence on government policies particularly social ones, has done everything to deny its damaging effects and still continues to despite the growing body of scientific evidence against pornography.


In other news-------------------

The sky, turns out, is blue!!!

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I don’t watch porn. What I wrote is true. Put me on ignore and don’t accuse me of anything that vile again.:mad:


You are the one who brought up the subject and making the accusation so I assumed
you wouldn’t want to post anything you did not know for a fact was true. This was the first I had ever heard of these claims, so I was just fact checking.

Oh, I don’t use the ignore button.


The FCC doesn’t regulate cable television content.

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