"...more tenderly than all the mothers in the world together."

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Continuing St. Louis de Montfort’s words in “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin”:

  1. She loves them tenderly, more tenderly than all the mothers in the world together. Take the maternal love of all the mothers of the world for their children. Pour all that love into the heart of one mother for an only child. That mother’s love would certainly be immense. Yet Mary’s love for each of her children has more tenderness than the love of that mother for her child.

She loves them not only affectively but effectively, that is, her love is active and productive of good like Rebecca’s love for Jacob -and even more so, for Rebecca was, after all, only a symbolic figure of Mary. Here is what this loving Mother does for her children to obtain for them the blessings of their heavenly Father:

  1. 1) Like Rebecca she looks out for favourable opportunities to promote their interests, to ennoble and enrich them. She sees clearly in God all that is good and all that is evil; fortunate and unfortunate events; the blessings and condemnations of God. She arranges things in advance so as to divert evils from her servants and put them in the way of abundant blessings. If there is any special benefit to be gained in God’s sight by the faithful discharge of an important work, Mary will certainly obtain this opportunity for a beloved child and servant and at the same time, give him the grace to persevere in it to the end. “She personally manages our affairs,” says a saintly man.

  2. 2) She gives them excellent advice, as Rebecca did to Jacob. “My son, follow my counsels.” Among other things, she persuades them to bring her the two young goats, that is, their body and soul, and to confide them to her so that she can prepare them as a dish pleasing to God. She inspires them to observe whatever Jesus Christ, her Son, has taught by word and example. When she does not give these counsels herself in person, she gives them through the ministry of angels who are always pleased and honored to go at her request to assist one of her faithful servants on earth.

Come Holy Spirit, bring us into ALL Truth, in Jesus through Mary!


Just back from Adoration. Thanks for your continuing education series. :slight_smile:


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This true and wonderful teaching has brought me much comfort.

And it’s actually an understatement.


Dear Stephie,

Thanks for your “faithful heart” letting us know you appreciated the words God gave to St. Louis de Montfort for the Church! It is so important for all of us to look to Mary’s intercession at this time of confusion among so many inside and outside the Church. Let us continue to pray to her as children who seek to follow her Son as she did with Supernatural Faith, Hope and above all Charity received in our Baptism.

Today’s Gospel reminds us also of Jesus’ tender seeking of the lost sheep and so let us pray for and seek the lost with Him and Mary. Today is the Anniversary of the passing of Servant of God, Frank Duff - founder of the Legion of Mary who left earth for heaven on Nov. 7, 1980. May he soon be recongnized by the Church as a Saint along with the two other Legion members who lived holy lives, Venerable Edel Quinn and Alphonsus Lamb. For more about those three causes now in Rome see HERE

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Dear patricius,

Yes, God’s Plan is perfect as He is. He knew we needed a Spiritual Mother who would far exceed all the love of all the mothers he would create. So He created Mary Immaculate and poured into her heart all the love she needed for all her children. He gave her to be our example in all the virtues. Mary is both Mother and Model of the Church.

Yes, St. Louis de Montfort’s words can only be an “understatement” – as you said – for Mary is more than we can even imagine, and loves us “more tenderly than all the mothers in the world together.”

Thanks again for your “faithful heart” and for this reply to share what you heard from St. Louis de Montfort’s words this morning. Thanks for your love and devotion to Jesus through Mary.


Yes, amen. And as the theologian, Fr. Reginald-Garigou Lagrange says, Mary is not the mother of all people in general, but of each person in particular.

In his Apostolic Constitution “Ineffabilis Deus”, which defined the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, Pope Pius IX says that Mary approaches as near to God as is possible for a created being.

This is an inconceivable closeness with God. So her love for each human person must be inexpressible.

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Dear patricius,

Thanks again for your added thoughts. It is so true as Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, OP said that Mary is the Mother of each person, in particular. This is true of our human mothers also for we love all God gives to us, but each one in a different way, for no two children are alike. :slight_smile:

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That is what St. JPII says in his Encyclical “Mother of the Redeemer”: that Mary’s love for each individual human person is unique and unrepeatable.

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How truly St. JPII lived his Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, taking for his Papal Motto: “Totus Tuus” – “All Yours” – words taken directly from St. Louis de Montfort! :slight_smile:

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Yes. How wonderful it is for a person to belong totally to the Blessed Mother, and to live in her Immaculate Heart!

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Dear patricius, and also Stephie, aroosi and Wm777,

Thank you all for your “hearts” letting us know you appreciated the words of St. Louis de Montfort. May All God’s children hear more deeply, Jesus’ words from His Cross and obey:

Behold your Mother

“Seeing Mary with the eyes of our hearts”, by God’s Grace, may we obey Jesus as John did and take Mary into our homes and into our hearts.


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