More than 1,400 people being actively monitored for Ebola in U.S


This and similar reports were published very early in this month (December). I suspect the number will be greater after the Christmas travel time…families reuniting and students returning home.

More than 1,400 people in 44 states are being actively monitored for Ebola after returning to the U.S. from West Africa

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I don’t believe CDC openly publishes this number on their website. Maybe I am wrong. It seems to me that this should be more widely available and publicized.

The threat of an ebola outbreak in US or other parts of world has not diminished because of airport screening.


This is a good thing. It is one step removed from banning travel to west Africa. The CDC is monitoring people that traveled from west Africa regardless of if they were or could have been likely exposed.

Monitoring like this would have prevented the debacle in Texas and should prevent future outbreaks.



“Fact Sheet: Screening and Monitoring Travelers to Prevent the Spread of Ebola”


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