More Than 100 Inauguration Day Protesters Indicted on Rioting Charges


A grand jury has indicted more than 100 Inauguration Day protesters on rioting charges in Washington, D.C. In total, 209 people have now been indicted.

The indictment, handed up D.C. Superior Court on Wednesday, charged 146 additional protesters with felony rioting — meaning they face a fine of up to $25,000 and a maximum of 10 years in prison.


The thing they do to show their disagreement. :shrug:


As a result, four businesses were vandalized and sustained “significant damage,” demonstrators lighted a limousine on fire, and six police office suffered minor injuries after protesters set fires and threw rocks, bricks, trash cans and other small objects, according to Acting Police Chief Peter Newsham.

The limousine that was torched was owned by a Muslim immigrant.

Someone should notify the refugees just so they know what they are in for…


Goodness. How ironic considering that this group are probably the ones likely that fight for the refugees to come.


If they broke the law, they should be charged, protesters or not, Trump supporters or not.


Not Trump’s supporters I am sure of that. They are watching the inauguration. Trump supporters protested his inauguration? That bring this subject truly into a new level.


A victim of the real haters. Hopefully he or she can let them know what they did and make them buy him or her a new one, no?
I want to add that, while I understand their compassion for immigrants, why are they doing this? They are accomplishing nothing. Do what Mother Teresa did. Go out and do good. Help the poor. Screaming and ruining things is not the way to do it.


It will be interesting to see how many of the 209 that have been indicted will be found guilty or fined or sentenced to prison. Guess they are looking for good lawyers right now


The important thing is that they pay for the property damage.


Sentence the guilty to hard labor - building the US/Mexico wall. Since they were mercenaries, where is their paymaster? “He” should serve alongside them.

Our constitutional republic has not been this threatened since the war between the states. I cannot fathom how self-absorbed and generally ignorant the losing side has become. Impeachment? For which “high crimes and misdemeanors”? Military coup? The left is unhinged and revealing themselves as the true totalitarians.

P.J. O’Rourke is right:

“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”

All of this from everyone’s-a-winner educations, “safe spaces”, self-esteem building and generally being programmed by the media.

It seems that Dr. Spock’s great-grandchildren are “all grown up.”


This is an interesting point, though the case would be hard to build. However, if it could be shown that someone paid these rioters for actually rioting, not just protesting, then a criminal conspiracy case could be made. Without evidence though, it would be an attack on free speech. One can legal hire protesters, just like a big business can make political campaign contribution and lobby. If corporations are persons, then people are also persons.


And someone to pay for them!!! God Bless, Memaw


If any of the protesters ever need medical assistance or serious help, I guess they could call a rioter.

[Or they could volunteer to be an EMT.]


I think it is important to charge these rioters and if they are found to be serial political rioters then the law should be very severe on them.


If you look up the maximum sentence for almost any charge, right down to disturbing the peace, it will sound rather stiff, so I doubt anybody will be getting 10 years in prison. I imagine the most serious charges will be against those who attempted to break through police lines when they were kettled. If any of those people get hit with an assaulting an officer or felony assault on an officer charge (I believe 6 police were injured) then they may be looking at jail time.


I was watching a news report on this as it was happening, and there was a reporter and in the background a group of rioters with ski masks. The reporter said he asked a group of people who was being paid to “demonstrate” and about 15 people raised their hands, all of them masked. I believe I was watching FOX news at the time, don’t remember the name of the reporter, but heard and saw this with my own ears and eyes.


Love that quote from P. J. O’Rourke! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


I am glad the that these violent protestors were arrested and are being prosecuted.

It should be remembered that the DC chief of police noted at the time that the violent demonstrators were vastly outnumbered by the nonviolent protesters. The violence was a “very isolated incident”.

Generalizing this to “the left”, however hard for some to resist, no foundation in reality.


There were attempted blockades at several checkpoints on Inauguration Day, so it wasn’t just the Black Bloc who were trying to intimidate people.


I guess the media just showed the violent protesters then.

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