More than 100 teens swarm Memphis plaza, 'knocking out' shoppers


Saw this on Drudge but have seen similar things many times in the news,

This happened at a fair in Wisconsin and again in Florida and at a mall in Brooklyn.

It seems they use social networking sites to contact each other and then they get together and attack some event whether at a mall or fair. Any idea what this is about?


All it needs is a police spokesperson to tell us that the white man being beaten up by blacks was not a racially motivated incident. It’s uncanny how they always know that.


Where is Eric Holder?


Aw, poor white people.

Who’s race baiting now? :rolleyes:


I look for this to escalate if it continues. A large group randomly assaulting people would be justification for deadly force. When that happens, it is likely to result in a small scale battle. Not everyone will accept beatings.


Ringil… :doh2:

I agree that we shouldn’t jump to making anything a racial issue, but it comes off as though you’re patronizing the victims. I’m assuming that’s not what you meant.


I just know how folks eat this stuff up around here. Always complaining about the race baiters but then so ready to when it is “black on white” violence.


It’s the perpetual pendulum of overreaction. :slight_smile:


Really?,I mean,REALLY?!


What are the “CCW” laws in TN? We need “pistol packing Mammas” to grocery shop!


What a horrible thing to write! A person deserves to be randomly attacked and kicked in their head because of “white privilege”? That’s just sick.


Caddying for the President…:stuck_out_tongue:


You may be more correct than you know. Just yesterday there was a story about an organization called “Moms Demand Action” protesting Kroger’s policy of allowing customers to openly carry weapons in their stores:

Armed customers may not have been attacked, or such an attack may have ended badly for some of the attackers. Then there would have been more protests that it was not fair to use a 9mm against a pumkin, ignoring that it is not fair to use a pumkin as a weapon at all.:shrug:


As a former 3 time top caddy, I doubt he is up to the job. Neither of them could ever make a decision about what club to use off the tee.:smiley:


Using social media to incite violence is no different than any other conspiracy to incite violence. Perhaps if social media was used, cell phone records ought to be subpoenaed.


Did you read the first article?


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


This is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting behavior! Every single one of the teens who participated needs to face criminal charges of assault! :mad:


If that young man getting his head stomped was your son/brother, would you still make this post?


They’ve caught 4 of them so far and charged them with aggravated riot and aggravated assault.

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