More than 130 arrested in immigration raids in Minnesota, Nebraska


Apparently incentivizing the defrauding of the wage earner using illegal immigration here.

More than 130 arrested in immigration raids in Minnesota, Nebraska

By Katie Galioto Star Tribune

August 9, 2018

. . . . “These targeted businesses were knowingly hiring illegal workers to unlawfully line their own pockets by cheating the workers,
cheating the taxpayers
and cheating their business competitors,” Tracy Cormier, the special agent in charge of the operation, said in the release.

ICE said the operation was part of a 15-month investigation of companies accused of employing immigrants who come to the country illegally.

“These illegal aliens were allegedly
required to cash their paychecks at an illegal remittance business for a fee,
have tax money deducted from their pay
even though this money was never paid to the government
and were coerced to remain quiet about this criminal activity,” an ICE news release said. . . .

(emphasis mine)


#Nancy Pelosi: Voting For Democrats Gives Illegal Aliens More ‘Leverage’


I hope that something will happen for there to be more leverage to move Trump from his minority position.


For each one of those there are undoubtedly 100 in those states who have not been caught, at least not yet.


Why is it that they go after the immigrants but do nothing to the owners who hire them, and one of them was Trump.


Metis1 . . . .

Why is it that they . . . do nothing to the owners who hire them . . .

Well now is your chance to join me Metis1.
We can call for tougher immigration laws concerning employers and call for E-verify together!

In this case though I am not convinced these employers will be off the hook.


This was a bust that also targeted the employers and enablers…


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