More than 17,000 Germans gather to sing Christmas carols during rally against 'Islamisation' of their country in largest protest yet by anti-immigration group


*]The large anti-immigration rally took place in the eastern city of Dresden
*]The rally was hosted by a grass-roots movement which is gathering pace
*]It is called ‘Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West’
*]Thousands gathered to criticize increased immigration and Islamisation
*]Demonstrators reject charges they are far-right extremists or neo-Nazis

At least this is a peaceful protest unlike FEMEN and other left wing groups.



Maybe Germany isn’t that bad afterall. :p… Even if it is a borderline socialist state. :slight_smile:


Well, yes and no. Let’s not forget what happened the last time Germany decided that nonChristians were undesirable. :wink: I anticipate this kind of thing happening more and more; I pray we do it justly and for the right reasons. Every people has a right to defend its culture, responsibly.


Just finished listening to this - fantastic, very well done. In case anybody is interested. Speaking of Germany and Christmas.


I thought Christmas is a time to wish ALL people of good will peace and happiness.


It is.


Well, Christmas day isn’t until the day after tommorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:


כן, זה נכון


“…people of good will” being the operative phrase.


Reminded me of changes one goes through in life. When I was in high school, we sang the Hallelujah chorus every year. I was in the choir every year. Ultimately, I sang every male part in it as my voice changed. :rotfl::rotfl: I can still manage the bass and baritone and a little bit of second tenor. Ah, but first tenor? To be able to sing that one part “…and He shall reign…” you know, that very high one? Never again in this lifetime.:slight_smile: But I do love to hear others sing it!


Surely every German knows what happens in ISIS lands to Christians, and perhaps they have serious concerns about what their own fate might be in the future, given the number of Muslims in their country. I think I would want Germany to be Germany. I’m not even a German, but I would hate to see it extinguished.



I predict you are mostly English with possible Italian roots. Kind of like an Elvis Presley type. :smiley:

Edit: Elvis was actually part native American. Not italian… So much for my ‘predictive powers’. :shrug:


The Germans, indeed all of Europe and Russia, can complain all they want. The fact is they are not having enough babies to replace themselves and nature loves a vaccum. Europe and Russia will never be ’ empty ’ lands or lands sparcely populated, some group of people will move in to fill the emptiness and right now that appears to be Muslims and other third world peoples. And I will say that the same fate awaits Canada and the U.S.
And China would love a place to dump 2/3rds of its population!



If that were to happen, peace on earth could never exist because the Islamists would continue to raise the bar on extremism everywhere constantly. They can never agree on anything unless they have a knife up against their throat -at least thats what goes on in the Arab world where extremism runs thick. We see it in some parts of Africa and Asia once in a while too i guess. :shrug:




Translation? Where did you find a keypad that does that?!


I think it means, “Yes, it’s true”.

Whenever I want to use non-Latin characters, I just cut/paste, usually from Google Translate. Which is what I did with the Hebrew above to get it back to English.


Wow. 17,000 people who are willing to sing in public.




This shows the PEGIDA demonstrators singing. (The people blowing whistles and shouting in the video at the Mail link were the counter-demonstrators).


Close, but no cigar. Mostly Irish (Never call an Irishman an Englishman :)) Some Italian, some Alsatian. Alsatians are sort of German, but not exactly.

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