More than 200 protesters indicted on rioting charges from Inauguration Day


The indictment accuses the defendants of using a tactic called “Black Bloc” in which people conceal their identities with dark or black clothing and accessories such as scarves, sunglasses, helmets and masks.
They assaulted a limousine driver, smashed windows of local businesses, destroyed a government vehicle and committed “violent and destructive acts,” according to the indictment.

                                   Violent actions have consequences, in some places at least. :thumbsup:


200 out of the millions that have protested since Nov. You do the math.


There should have been alot more arrests. Several routes to the Capitol Building were blockaded and people were in some instances forceably prevented from passing.


Oh no, not blocked streets!

MLK did the same exact thing.


Lock them up!:


Gee thanks. My mom died that day because streets were blocked and emergency services couldn’t get there.


So the rights of someone just wanting to get to work or take their kids to school or pick up the groceries or get to the hospital or any of other number of regular citizens who just want to live normal law abiding lives and aren’t a part of the issue don’t matter? Why isn’t that worth defending or important?


If any of them are locked up, they should be forced to pay for their play dough and colouring-in utensils.

Maybe some were undergoing on-the-job training to become ISIS terrorists.:shrug:


Did MLK also destroy property and assault people?

Also, MLK was protesting actual injustice not “the person I like didn’t win an election and now I has a sad :(”


I think Trump represents injustice.


Please explain, you say you think he represents injustice. Explain how you think he does that.


Who has been treated unjustly under Trump? The illegal lawbreakers? How is enforcing the law an injustice? Is there anyone else the law shouldn’t apply to?


I agree! That is the problem I have with protests. Peaceful protests should not get in the way of every day Americans going about their business!


ME ME ME :yup:


Chris Christie was accused of it too.


Police have a duty to arrest protesters blocking streets, businesses, etc, regardless of whether they’re peaceful pacificists or not.


Sy, you REALLY really should read the links before commenting. The population base was just the protesters in DC on inauguration day.


One is still too many.

And I could say the same thing about your ‘favourite’ topic of slavery…:stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, the limousine the torched belonged to a Muslim immigrant.


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