More than 300 arrested and five people stabbed at Notting Hill Carnival

More than 300 people were arrested at the Notting Hill Carnival over the bank holiday weekend and three teenagers were among five people who were stabbed.

Thousands of revellers turned out for the second and final day of the annual street party in west London.

This is not unprecedented, the event has been running for many years now and has had periods where there was very large scale violence and rioting. On the other hand when held some years the level of street violence was minimal, five stabbings is quite bad though and will lend ammunition to some local people who would like it banned as they find it a serious disruption every year.

The violence isn’t the only problem with it. If they really cracked down on public indecency they’d have to arrest a few members of the Metropolitan Police Department for lewd conduct in public.

I remember that the violence was especially bad in the 1970s with running battles between the police and some of the revellers, but the last few years have been relatively peaceful. It is a bit disingenuous of the Telegraph to say “thousands” of people attended - It is the largest street festival in Europe with over 2 million attending. Though I am not a lover of big crowds I went 2 years ago - some of the children’s costumes were stunning.

Yeah some of the rioting in the 70’s was really bad. I would have only been a very small kid then but even I remember the news showing that. The events had calmed down a lot but of late racial tensions between police and ethnic minority groups appear to have become problematic again in London, or I should say more problematic.

Is there something specific about this festival that makes people angry and violent? Carnival in St Louis involves a parade of dogs in costume, a community parade, a fancy charity ball, and some rum.

The criminals make up a tiny proportion of the revellers. The numbers attending are huge, nearly 2 million making it the second largest carnival in the world. Of course 5 stabbings is bad but compare that to the 160 fatalities at the Rio Carnival last year.

Imagine how ugly things could have gotten if it weren’t for the incredibly large number of police needed to keep the peace at the carnival. And even then, if they were arresting people for lewd conduct, they’d probably need twice as many.

It appears they broke the arrest record for the Notting Hill Carnival

Or imagine how much uglier it would be in America with idiots shooting each other. Glad to see you being your positive self Seamus!

That’s what happens when you carry drugs. The police said they would be operating a zero tolerance approach this year.

Did you watch the videos on RT ? The policeman pulling several women out of the crowd and simulating sex acts with them ? And there was alot more ! I’ve never seen a lot of positives with this carnival. It’s featured serious rioting and attacks on the police, murders, and unbelievable public promiscuity. What’s to be positive about ?

Thats not a very fair assessment. Yeah shooting happen in America, but a lot more people can die at once with a madman behind a truck. Besides, all of the Island has 1/6 the population of the US alone, not counting Canada or Mexico.

No one is expecting you to come over and join in dear. ������

It’s very fair. When you adjust for population you are 4 times more likely to be killed in the US than anywhere in Western Europe. Besides the irony was lost on you: I was trying to illustrate how hopeless hypothesising is!

I wasn’t trying to turn this into an America vs Britain thing. The Notting Hill Gate Carnival is obscene and disgusting, just like we have a number of public events that are equally obscene and disgusting.

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I would agree that there are certain elements that make me feel uncomfortable but to describe the whole thing as disgusting is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. When I visited last on the family day there was an incredibly fun and good atmosphere with children and families enjoying the sun, food and song.

By “Carnival” do you mean the pre Lenten celebration known in the US as Mardi Gras?

Still not fair, unless you isolate Western Europe and compare to Western half of the US. Why not count the entire Europe with the US, or include similar demographics with age, financial status, etc:

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