More than 500 priests accused of sexual abuse not yet publicly identified by Catholic Church, Illinois attorney general finds

How do I know the Canons are going to be changed in relation to this,

quite simply because Holy Father Pope Francis said so. Keep up with the latest coming out on the historic sex abuse crisis coming out of Rome

My opinion doesn’t count, neither do yours. The current actions and the historic inactions of those in power count

The experience and guidance and words of Bishops in Diocese where Cardinals are on trial, priests are jailed for life, survivors and their injustices remembered, are the only things that count.

This is and should be a matter for the criminal courts and not the Church to investigate. The church responds after the person has been found guilty or not. And that is how the Canons are being rewritten to reflect this.

Do a google search and find the relevant press releases from the Vatican, then talk to me.

I thank you both for your great tomes in reply , but really, until you are up to date with whats going on, and not just from a media and social media perspective, your knowledge is lacking.

Merry Christmas

This would not be the first time I agree with you, nor the first time Australia has been shown as having better ideas than others in the world. So… win?

I was thinking of a situation totally apart from religious context (from a legal standpoint). Take, for a example, the restroom at at a Coles (I had to look that one up). A kid gets molested and this is seen by a third party. Shocked, but stupid, he goes out and tells the first guy he sees, let’s say someone stacking up syrup. The employee goes to looks but everyone is gone. Now the police need to be called, but really, only one person has the firsthand knowledge required to help the police investigate, and it is the stocker just because he has a Coles pin on his shirt. Now if he is astute, there is helpful action he could take, but the largest burden has to be on the first hand witness.

Good point. I would be suspicious of anything Lisa Madigan says.

Here is the response from the Springfield, IL Catholic Diocese:

Which is why the accused should never be named, if this is how we determine it.

If it is the court of law and not the Church who determines if anything happens, then until that has been decided, names cannot be given out, by definition.

If we are relying on courts of law.

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Depends which country you are in and what their law is. Or are you saying specific accused of specific crimes

As much as I have my own concerns about the crisis, I always come away from these threads very glad that people who do not live in USA and operate under a very different set of legal principles do not have a say in how we set up our laws, about anything.

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It would be grossly negligent for the church to fail to investigate any report of grave matter being committed by clergy. In fact, the failure to adequately investigate and act is as big of a scandal as the violations themselves.


This was in our Bulletin Sunday:

Facts of past abuse, present reality

Sadly, because of a case I am familiar with, I am not sure I would trust the priest’s superior.

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There is never a need to trust him. If one has information, then they are free, and should report what they know to the police.


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