More than 60 threats to Jewish centers across the US, authorities investigating


More than 60 threats to Jewish centers across the US, authorities investigating

In the wake of 11 new threats today against Jewish centers, from New York to New Mexico, the FBI said it is investigating, along with the Department of Justice, bomb threats to the centers across the country.

Federal authorities are looking into threats communicated to at least 60 Jewish centers around the country this year. The threats started in January and the FBI began investigating later that same month. The threats have come in “different waves,” with more threats phoned in to centers today, according to one source familiar with the matter.

The FBI said it is “investigating possible civil rights violations in connection with threats to Jewish Community Centers.”

“The FBI will collect all available facts and evidence, and will ensure this matter is investigated in a fair, thorough, and impartial manner,” the FBI said in a statement. “As this is matter is ongoing, we are not able to comment further at this time.”

This year, a total of 69 threats to 54 JCCs have spanned 27 states and one Canadian province and came in four waves: Jan. 9, Jan. 18, Jan. 31 and then today, the JCC Association of North America said.

When hate is legitimatize. When Trump RT from hate groups and refuses to delete those tweets, it gives credence, in the minds of these groups, of the full support by the President.

When you paint Latino immigrants with a broad brush of being rapists, murderers, drug dealers, criminals, etc, it feeds fear and fuels the fire of racism and bigotry within this country. When you denigrate your opponents through name calling and promoting false stories such as Lyin Ted accusing Ted’s father as being part of the Kennedy cover-up, Little Marco, Pocahontas Warren, Obama birther claims, etc., it is in direct opposition to the Gospel message.


So, just to clarify, we have a wave of anti-Semitism and it is President Trump’s fault.

Umkay…no. :dts:

At some point, adult humans have to take responsibility for their own actions and it’s not okay to stamp the foot and point the finger and blame the adults in the room for bad behavior of toddlers.


Maybe it’s President Trump’s son in law and daughter fault. He’s Jewish and the daughter converted.


I was waiting for the pointing finger of blame to Trump too.
Sure enough…I found it. :rolleyes:


How sad…about the threats.



I engage with a variety of such groups as part of my job and there is a good deal of fear present all around right now. The president isn’t the cause of antisemitism in this country or anywhere else. It would be reassuring, though, if he came out assertively and decisively against it. Choosing to wave a dismissive hand at someone like David Duke, failing to provide any mention of Jewish victims when commemorating the Holocaust, forming a close working relationship with someone who is claimed to have made antisemitic remarks… These things certainly don’t work to calm any fears in Jewish communities. He certainly can make these sorts of decisions for himself but he should also know how they’ll be interpreted by many.


Nah. 52% who hate him would do anything against what he stands for. He cannot win here as long as the 52% think that he is not their President.


Some of the people associated with these centers voted for him. How do you square that with your statements here?


Oh, I get it now! This isn’t about the safety of the Jewish community but undermining President Trump.

BTW, what does the Gospel message about voting for people who stick in a scissors in a little baby in order to impress “friends” on the internet?

And the left cares so much for Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz they run against them every single election.

Gee, I’m touched. :rolleyes:


Don’t forget the Latino and Black Supremacist Groups. I know it’s not :cool: but they could still be behind this.


Well said! :thumbsup:


Anyone can harbor bigoted beliefs. What does this information change?


There are many more things that are not reported.

The High School that my children go to, has had a vast amount of phone threats the last month. And I mean a lot. Plus, there have been mayor fights in the school. There was one week that every day they had phone threats and fights.

It is something that is being investigated. But you will not see this in the news. I personally am grateful for it. Those seeking attention, if it was all over TV, it would get real bad real quick.

This was not so last year. I think all this protest and hate that people are demonstrating is affecting our children very much.


Vandals wreck headstones at historic Jewish cemetery in St. Louis


None, since we don’t know who did this. It’s all speculation at this point.


If it’s not related to him or his campaign, please do explain where this sudden wave comes from. The point is that alt-right/white supremacists see Trump’s presidency as a legitimizing force for their beliefs.


And socialists thought Bernie Sanders legitimized their beliefs. So what?


And ISIS sees the Koran and Islam as a legitimizing force for their beliefs.


Pretty sure is white nationalists.


Silly you thinking the poster who chose their screen name to mock another pro-life poster and confuse people would create a topic expressing actual Christian concern for our Jewish brothers and sisters, and not simply to exploit the violence to make the President look bad.

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