More than one in four New York City residents has herpes

More than one in four New York City residents has herpes.

And that is only ONE of the sexually transmittable diseases. Here is the link for the story:

Does this include non-genital herpes? There was news item a few days ago concerning the rise of throat HPV and throat cancer, apparently resulting from increasing use of oral sex in that particular age group some decades earlier.

According to the blog it’s genital herpes (Herpes Simplex II) but when making that kind of statement it’s good to specify – a cold sore is herpes (Herpes Simplex I) and it can be transmitted to the genitals through oral sex.

Chicken pox & shingles are also caused by a herpes virus, Herpes (Varicella) Zoster.

This is the actual news source.

Gross! Sounds like the people of New York City need to learn to have safer sex or learn to be abstinent altogether!

The good news is that the incidence of herpes in New York City is lower than it was ten years ago.

One in every four? I don’t buy it. Someone is sensentionalizing, I think…

I’m not so sure. The national rate is 18%, so the New York rate of 25% isn’t too far afield.

I wonder why…

This is the actual news source.

So I clicked on it… and here is what it had to say.

“Genital herpes alone will not cause serious problems for most people,” said Dr. Julia Schillinger, Director of Surveillance for the Health Department’s Bureau of STD Prevention and Control and lead author of the study. "But some people will have painful genital sores and the infection fosters the spread of HIV. We advise New Yorkers to protect themselves and others. Using condoms consistently will help you avoid getting or spreading genital herpes."

Apparently she does not know that the failure rate of condoms is around 20% and that many STDs don’t need fluids to spread. :tsktsk: Honestly, the only 100% effective solution is abstinence. It’s too bad that most people nowadays can’t see that. :frowning:
Thank you Promiscuity! (note the sarcasm :smiley: )

The failure rate of condoms isn’t nearly that high.

I’ve seen many different rates ranging from 2% to 30%, but either way its not 100% effective (probably should have said that instead)
sorry… :o

I think the effectiveness depends on what you are trying to prevent. They are more effective at preventing pregnancy than protecting against disease.

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