More than Two Children "Irresponsible" Says Top Advisor to British Government

By Hilary WhiteLONDON, February 2, 2009 ( - While demographers continue to warn of an onrushing, and virtually irreversible, demographic collapse in Europe because of the aging of the European population, a top British government advisor has called for more abortion and…

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Having More Than 2 Kids Will Destroy Planet, Environmentalist Says

Couples who have more than two children are being “irresponsible” by creating an unbearable burden on the environment, the British government’s green adviser warned.

Limiting Couples to Just Two Kids Is Not the Way to Save the Earth

Yesterday, the chairman of Britain’s Sustainable Development Commision, Sir Jonathon Porritt, ventured into new frontiers of Green movement nuttiness.
Mr. Porritt gave the press a preview of the main conclusions of his commission’s proposals for England’s environmental policy, to be released next month. He says curbing population growth, through federal investment in contraception and abortion, and encouraging citizens to recognize their moral responsibility by limiting their procreation to a maximum of two children per couple, must be at the heart of Britain’s global warming policies.
The only way to understand how such a mainstream scientist could fall into the clutches of such unscientific ideology, is to consider the nihilistic philosophy of life prevalent among many of the cultural elite of Western Europe and to some degree of America too. They have not only rejected the sacredness of human life by denying the Sacred; they have emptied human life of all transcendent purpose.


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