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well i go to church every weekend but i feel like i could do more for the church. i would love to teach CCD but its a little to late for that because it has already started. does anyone know what i can do for my church.


See if there is a Legion Of Mary in your Parish. Or just talk to your Priest.:slight_smile:


Can you help out with CCD?

Your profile says you are 20. What about helping out with the confirmation program at your parish? They (typically) go on retreats. Maybe you can volunteer there?

I agree with the other poster - Ask your pastor. He should have some place for ya! :wink:


It’s not necessarily too late. Talk to your DRE (director of religious education)/CRE (coordinator of religious education)/faith formation director or whatever he/she is called in your parish.

Our parish has just put out a request for a replacement for a catechist who is unable to finish out the year (she had two grades, it got to be too much so she wants to keep teaching just one).

We often need substitutes when a catechist is sick or out of town.

Aides are often needed.

Or your DRE/CRE might get you started on a process of preparation so you can be ready to go next year.

Or you could offer to mentor/sponsor someone in the RCIA program.

Or ask your pastor where help is needed in your parish.


Also, you can faithfully pray for your priests and parish daily. Prayers are always needed.

While holidays are coming, the church needs volunteers for sorting the food and Christmas gift packages for the needy family, if your church is involved in that.


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