More Tridentine Masses Coming to Phoenix, AZ and a New Monastery!

I can’t say enough good things about the Bishop of Phoenix. Many good things happening here on numerous fronts!!!

It was officially announced before the start of today’s Mass, that the Bishop has extended the indult of the existing Tridentine mass and the community will be designated as a “mission” church. This mass will continue according to the status quo at this time.

A new FSSP priest is coming to Phoenix July 1. Daily Tridentine masses will begin being offered at a West Phoenix location at that time. In addition, another Tridentine mass will be offered at least 1x per week which will feature Spanish homilies.

Finally, another weekly Tridentine mass will be offered in Northern Arizona near Sedona.

As if all of this is not enough, a new monastery is being established just north of Phoenix for Poor Clare nuns. They originate in Alabama (Mother Mary Angelica)

That is awesome!!!

Awesome, and now later of masses, apostolate

Bishop Restores Latin Mass
East Valley Tribune, Lawn Griffiths, 6.21.2005

The Old Mass has regained critical mass in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. The one-year experiment to determine whether enough Valley Catholics wanted Masses in Latin — the mother tongue of the church — has ended.
And Bishop Thomas Olmsted has declared Latin a winner.

The response to a first year of “Tridentine liturgy” or Latin Masses at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in east Phoenix has been so strong that Olmsted is making them permanent, and extending the special Masses to more parishes. . .[continued]

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