More trouble on the horizon?

Why are these guys who write these articles determined to start trouble instead of trying to find a compromise? I think it’s a given that most of those attached to the New Rite will be uncomfortable with the MP but why start blowing it out of proportion? Another self-fulfilling prophecy?

Ah yes,

Whenever an opinion contradictory to the Vatican’s wishes is need, the press can always count on Fr. Tom Reese.

He predicts that other old practices will be restored as the Vatican tries to impose the conservative values of Benedict on a more liberal world. “This is so much more about politics than it is about Latin and liturgy,” Reese says.


But I also read this in that article:

Given the fierce fight that preceded Vatican II—the liturgical and doctrinal reforms of the mid-1960s that sought to make the church more accessible—a similar war would seem needed to overturn them. ***But a movement is building at seminaries nationwide to do just that: In addition to restoring the Latin mass, young priests are calling for greater devotion to the Virgin Mary, more frequent praying of the rosary, and priests turning away from the congregation as they once did. Perhaps most controversially, they also advocate a dimished role for women, who since Vatican II have been allowed to participate in the mass as lay altar servers and readers.

Hopefully, that will put to rest the worries of those wandering if there will be enough priest for celebrating the TLM.:thumbsup:

What is usually lost in these articles is the fact that all Catholics understand the validity of the Novus Ordo Mass. It’s not as if any of us don’t consider the people that attend a Novus Ordo Mass “unCatholic”, as a matter of fact, it is the Mass most of us grew up attending, and still do on occasion, if not quite frequently.

I’m quite delighted that our local “charismatic” parish is jam-packed on Sundays - people celebrating the Sacrifice of the Mass is a good thing, no matter how goofy the music!

Articles, such as the one linked above, seem to do no more than “stir the pot”, and the authors and editors should be ashamed to even call themselves “journalists”. It’s obvious they have either a poor understanding of the story, or an agenda, and both are poor journalism. Do they not want to do their job well?

I don’t think most church goers even think the word “validity” when they go to attending their liturgy. They go because they’ve been conditioned that way. By giving the appearance that the TLM was abolished (by the news media, priests, bishops, congregation), just like negative campaign advertising, it promoted the new liturgy. Most people could not even compare the old and new rites and guess what, their kids couldn’t either.

But I doubt the New Mass will go the way of the 8-track tape player. There is a growing (and impressive) demand at least for the Spanish Mass and some of the other vernaculars. So I don’t see what the NO advocates are fearing. This Pope is certainly not one who wants to stifle a growing enthusiam for the Word of the Lord.

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