More truth about Planned Murderhood

This video produced by American Life League brings to light the evil that is PP.

Fair warning… graphic and quite disturbing as well as… disgusting.

I saw this before YT pulled the video. :eek:

That is absolutely disgusting. How do they defend this and why isn’t this stuff on the news? It is crass, nauseating and wrong. How could any parent or school want children to be exposed to such garbage?

They pulled the video? Seriously? So its OK with them then?

What happened was when ALL posted the original version on YT, someone filed a copyright infringement claim on one of the photos they used. The pic they were complaining about has been on the 'net for several years. No coincidence that the one who filed the copyright claim had ties to Planned Parenthood. Here’s the link to the press release.

Copyright infringement indeed.

Either that, or the video got tons of dislikes.

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