More winning - North Korea dismantling missile site


Maybe “meeting with our enemies” is a good thing if you are strong on America First!


Since CNN couldn’t do any “real” reporting on this, another “Trump Win”, here’s a more indepth piece.


It is just an engine test stand, not an operational launch site. They don’t need it anymore. They have done all the testing of engines they need. The test stand could be easily put back together if needed.


Not saying its a panacea, but it is good news for America.

Of course, that is bad news for leftists who hate our President.


I’ve some great oceanfront property in Arizona for sale!


Great example of how someone could be so fully invested in their hatred that they cannot see anything positive.

Does your oceanfront property include the return of US servicemember’s remains from a hostile dictatorship?

How about a 4.1% growth in GDP?

How about the defeat of EU trade barriers for US goods??

These successes from our President show reasonable people that he’s got more than your Arizona oceanfront property…


I have not one ounce of hatred for any human being. My Korean friends are the folks I go to for insight into things Korean.


We recognize the difference between something that is truly positive and something that is spun to look positive to boost Trump’s approval rating.


Strange - other Korean friends have a very different outlook - they are hopeful and supportive.


… part of a commitment made by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to President Trump.


Still, what a bunch of savages that they didn’t do this before.


Savages - that is a good word to describe the behavior of many evil doers with the power over others.
They pop up like the whack-a-mole game - one despot becomes “gone” and another has to be put down. The families of the brave men and women that were sent and never returned, have had the heartbreak that doesn’t end. At least now, the mortal remains will come home for many, and still not for all. That will come through Our Lord in His time. May they rest in peace.

Thanks to President Trump for asking that they be returned.


We are winning like we’ve never won before! :us:


How do you spin the return of U.S. servicemen’s remains?
President Trump is working for America and Americans, If his approval ratings get a boost by the good things he is doing, why complain? It just means people like the job he is doing except for those who watch Jake Tapper, Joe and Mika, Rachel
Maddow or read the NYT or Washington Post.


< insert laughing here>


I hope I don’t come across as jaded. I’m going to wait for DNA confirmation.

Kim Jong Un is evil enough to send the “wrong” remains.



The spin I refer to is his description of his meeting with Kim and the dismantling of their nuclear program. (Also the 2nd quarter GDP jump, which some say was the result of a bump in trade in anticipation of Trump’s then-threatened trade war. He was threatening it during much of the 2nd quarter even though it didn’t start until the 3rd quarter.) But like Trump says, “We’ll see what happens.”

Because I don’t believe he is working for America and Americans. I believe he is working for his own ego.


President Trump has a strong worth ethic.
He is working to solve America’s problems.
He is not taking any salary for the work he
is doing. People seem to forget that.
All the left or the progressives are capable of doing is whining and complaining and
trying to demonstrate to President Trump and his supporters nothing but anger and
obstruction. Those resisting the president
need to grow up and stop being part of the problem.


Obviously we disagree on that.

The salary he is not taking is nothing compared to the benefit he is deriving to the brand by being where he is. He has power, which is much more valuable than that statutory salary.

And the acolytes off the President? What are they capable of, other than singing his praises?


Trump sleeps 5 hours a night; he publishes his daily schedule.

Trump makes several public appearances each week.

He does not waste time with fancy state dinners … eats fast food.

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