Morgentaler named to Order of Canada

Morgentaler named to Order of Canada

“Dr” Henry Morgentaler has been named to the Order of Canada - this nation’s highest award for civilians. He is responsible for making abortions legal in Canada…and ours is still the only nation that I know of that has no legal restrictions during the nine months of pregnancy.

What a sad day…happy birthday Canada :frowning:

[quote=the article]Dr. Henry Morgentaler is one of 75 Canadians to receive honours for their contribution to the country. The Governor General announced the new inductees on Tuesday after the names were recommended by an advisory panel.

This sounds as if the nomination was approved. An earlier report was that his nomination was delayed. Is it for certain that he is now in the Order of Canada?

I heard through the Grapevine that this award was being rushed through because Morgentaler is on his deathbed. What a predicament. Maybe he will repent before it is too late.

If I understood correctly it was the first time that the decision to award the order wasn’t unanimous. Even the government is making a point of saying “Hey, we don’t decide who gets the award, it’s decided by a committee at arm’s length.”

Many are hoping that previous recipients of this recognition will return their medal to the government to express their disapproval.

An update for everyone.

If anything I hope this finally pushes the abortion issue back into play of Canadien politics and maybe end up giving Canada a little bit of its humanity back.

I was a little relieved when I read that in my Lifesite e-mail today! It was much more encouraging than the form letter I got back from the Prime Minister’s office and the “I’m disappointed, but there’s nothing I can do, e-mail the governor general” from my Member of Parliament (but on the bright side, at least he mentioned that he’s against the decision).

Time to get those beads out - Canada needs to make at least one moral decision once in a while.

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