Morgentaller clinic to close!

Great news! The only abortion clinic in the provice, which our provincial government has refused to fund, is closing!

Hurray for Life (and boo for one-sided reporting…)

Great news :thumbsup:




Awesome. Choose life!~

The clinic sustained more than $100,000 in flood damages in 2008. While other downtown Fredericton businesses were given financial compensation, the clinic did not receive any government cash because the building was owned by Morgentaler, who was not a New Brunswick citizen.

It seems strange for him to subsidize an abortion clinic in province where he didn’t live. He did this for 20 years, since the clinic never turned a profit. If his goal was purely in the public interest, why didn’t he give ownership of the building to a non-profit organization?

He launched a lawsuit against the New Brunswick government in 2002, demanding the government pay for procedures at his clinic.

The lawsuit has been in limbo since the death of the abortion rights activist last May.
So the lawsuit has been dragging on for more than a decade. I guess the wheels of justice turn slow in New Brunswick. :o

It was apparently the only clinic in Canada that was government funded!

Prayers answered :slight_smile: This set up is much better :wink:

Keep praying. The pro-aborts and their media friends are in an uproar. The government won’t fund the place, but the outcry could spawn funds from afar. Please continue to pray!

agreed…the spin here is terrible. Will have to pray in front of the Moncotn Hospital.

But the opposition Libs are certainly saying all the usual punch lines trying to push THE aLWARD GOVERNMENT.

Great news indeed. Let us pray that it stays closed.


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