Mormon and Catholics bridges

I have several friends who are Mormon and I delight that some of them don’t mind talking and discussing religion, in a society that sees religious discussion as taboo. I like to uncover similarities and differences, but I notice that some times our religions are so harsh of the other, when I look for resources on line to learn more it’s so defensive (both religions). Reading articles that pull all of the negative aspects just makes it appear like each side is attacking the other religion. There is little taste or respect given, unlike the kind discussions among friends I have experienced. Why is this so? Why do most of the resources I read so negative? I feel this tears down any bridges to build between individuals to better understand one another. I feel like there are little resources to bring us together, and a stigma is laid before people are given a chance. I feel like when when I say I’m Catholic, many people say oh, with a look of disappointment(from any religion). Are there resources that bring us together? Why is there such a terrible gap?

Our Mormon claims pretty much demand a strong response from faithful - especially Catholics. Because if we’re right, and Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus as two separate beings, the notion of the Godhead is incorrect. Our claim is that the Christian church fell into apostasy and is restored through the LDS church. Kind of a slap in the face of the entire Christian world, right? Again, especially Catholics.

That said, I totally agree with you that there’s way too much negativity and attacking and bitterness. I’ve read some great things from your popes urging love and getting along and finding ways to respectfully discuss and disagree, and some great things from my church as well. Count me in. :slight_smile:

  1. No similarities between the 2 churches.
  2. We are not the ones calling the other church an abomination.
  3. The RCC doesn’t attack other churches. It simply tries to show them the are wrong in their teachings but welcomes them anyways.
    There are many threads here you can read about Mormonism and what they are taught and believe in. Their religion is always changing what is doctrine and what isn’t. They are some good people but lost.

Thanks for the support, I see your point :)g

An apostasy that cannot be verified. A man that had 9 different versions of his first vision. A man that used to con people out of their money by using 2 stones that could find treasure and translate golden plates (where they in the hat or out?) A church that relies on Jesus being wrong in order for their church to be right. There is nothing about the lds church that can be claimed or verified about being true in a biblical sense.

This is a great example-
Kimg, we know some one with a different belief is in the room, so to speak, and we know a personal belief is strong, and sensitive, as it is a personal aspect of a person. So my question is why do you feel the desire to debunk them, to tell them they are wrong, before you get the chance to find out common ground, to sustain an enlightened conversation? What drives your passion to say that Mormonism has zero similarities with the Catholic Church?

I want to know what you are thinking? Feeling? To want to to announce nothing about them is true?

I suggest you read up on how the Mormon faith began and why it was founded. And the circumstances surrounding it.
Your eyes will be opened.
He’s speaking the truth.

Catholicism is not what is was a thousand years ago. There was no Catechism. I know when and how they were founded. I would never believe Mormon religion personally. There are aspects of it I do not accept. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn about one another. How can we learn about the world if we only look at our selves? And have a good discussion to learn more about what we each believe and why.

Why are we so segregated? Just because it’s not what you believe you can’t respect them? I’m starting to feel ashamed to be Catholic. This is what we do? Put others down because it’s not what we believe? Call the rest of the world lies? That does not sound Christian like. Why don’t we lead by example? Be kind, welcoming, and show what is good about us instead of point out others wrong ideas? My point of this thread is that people point fingers about what is wrong, they miss what is right. :confused: feeling really disappointed.

You are right. There is always an attack instead of a handshake and that is why no common ground can be found and no sense of understanding can be reached. In order for discussions to be fruitful, people must be willing to meet each other where they are. Instead, many religious people, including missionaries to foreign lands, choose to “convert with force” either by harsh criticism, coercion, physical force, etc. This isn’t limited to any particular religion. All religions have individual that are/have been guilty of this. It’s what fuels many atheists and agnostics to claim religion only divides people. Too many people basically call the one with another belief stupid or liar and cause defensive claims of stupid liar to be shot back at them. From there it spirals downward. If we take the time to build a relationship on common ground first we are much more likely to have productive conversations.

I’m sorry, i can’t get past the golden tablets that no one can see and magic translating stones. I’m sorry, i just can’t

Wait a minute. Just WHO is attacking?
No one.
Mormonism is not anywhere near as well documented as the origins of Christianity.
I worked for a Mormon company for years. Nice people.
I grew up with many Mormon families around me.
No animosity for them.
I have no clue what you are talking about.
Having Mormon friends is completely separate from believing the stuff they advance as genuine occurrences.

For those of us that live in Utah, many have had very negative experiences with Mormons.

When I lived elsewhere, I had Mormon friends.

Until you have experienced it, you just wouldn’t understand.

The reason critiques against Mormonism are so negative is because it is so radically against what Christian orthodoxy (small o orthodoxy) maintains concerning God. It wouldn’t be so bad if Mormons didn’t claim the guise of Christianity, but since they do why shouldn’t orthodox Christians react more negatively to mormon doctrines and practice?

Respect should be given to the persons discussing, but not the theology. I cannot respect Mormon theology which is utter abomination.

I agree. I have many Mormon friends that are more Christan then a Catholic! I evangelize as much as possible when they ask questions too. I’m a lector so explain that scripture is a part of the Mass. They really don’t understand I think some of the things that are in the Mormon faith, but there are a lot of things we agree on such as traditional marriages, pro life issues and general morality.

Some of us have been around the LDS either in real life and/or here of CAF. We know what they believe and we know it to be false. Look at Neuro’s statement I bolded. That is exactly why there is no “common ground” between Christians, Catholic or otherwise, and the LDS. It like apples & oranges, the only similarity is both are fruit.

For those of us who are former Mormons, it’s hard to look at faithful Mormons knowing that they are being lied to, that their history has been whitewashed, that they don’t know the LDS church’s accurate history.

The LDS church of recent is starting to correct that. They finally have admitted to their people that the story of the translation of the “golden plates” wasnt with Smith looking thru the Urim and THummin, but rather, he stuck his head into a hat and looked at a stone.

For the longest time, the LDS church would not be transparent about just how many wives Smith had, how young some of them were, and how he married other men’s (who were still alive and away on missions) wives.

But again, that is coming from a former Mormon, and not someone who has never been a Mormon or have experience living it and breathing it.

So the answer you look for, is not as black and white as you may think.


What commonalities do you see that exists between Mormons and Catholics that have the potential of building bridges? Do you see theological possibilities? Social? Pastoral?

You must first understand that its not me or anyone else here that has a desire to debunk them. They have done it to themselves with the help of the internet. As for my thinking, we need to help them come to know Christ. Jesus was not a failure. Feelings? I don’t work with feelings. They are deceiving. Perhaps some research of this matter would do you some good.

Pastoral. You both believe in your religious hierarchy. Catholics need a priest to do certain religious stuff. You need to attend church in order not to commit a mortal sin. Both the pope and prophet have a special connection to God. Mormons need to be married in the temple. They need to obey those above them.

These are commonalities? Pope has no more special connection to God than I do. I need to obey who above me?

Yes, male heirarchy, so I get that.
What do Mormon temples have in common with Catholics?

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