Mormon bishop: Harry Reid unworthy to enter temples


SALT LAKE CITY — A Mormon bishop in Los Angeles is under fire for his assertion that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is unworthy to enter the faith’s temples because of his support for Democratic Party positions.

Mark Peredes‘ blog, titled “Good Riddance to Harry Reid, the Mormon Senate Leader,” has drawn criticism from the church and Mormon Democrats.

Peredes called Reid an “embarrassment” and expressed his belief that Democrats’ support of same-sex marriage, abortion rights and gambling runs contrary to church positions.

“Of all of yesterday’s election results, the one that made me dance a jig was the ousting of Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader,” he wrote. “The Senate’s most powerful perch will no longer be occupied by a man who does not take his religion seriously.

“I have no doubt that Harry Reid is a wonderful man who loves his wife and kids, attends church, and is kind to animals. However, he is not a man of serious religious faith,” he added.

Church spokesman Dale Jones issued a statement criticizing the blog. The essay was published Wednesday in The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles.


The collision of serous religion and politics in a pagan age of degenerate behavior normalized is an interesting topic.

As a person who got fairly well shunned by the rest of my family for becoming a Catholic, I have an even deeper Aspergers obsession with this topic.

This is going to be a long struggle that those who take faith and religion very seriously and value it more than worldly riches are going to win. As Jesus said the meek will inherit the Earth, but that will only happen after the demographic superiority of these meek take over the churches first.


I believe the Mormon bishop has since retracted and apologized.


The bishop may well have retracted the error of saying what he believes, but there should be little doubt that his mind will not change.

The gap between the teachings of the Mormon Church and the positions that any Democratic leader must take is a huge one. Harry Reid is not friend to the social teachings of his church.


Yea, both Nancy P and Harry R claim a faith in word but it doesn’t show in deed.


Well. as Catholics even on this board, we would face censure for not taking anyone’s faith claims at their word, but that doesn’t change what we are thinking.

There are a lot of things in Catholicism that are quite complicated, and different Catholics can say opposite things and still be authentic.
Suffice it to say that there is no room for nuance when it comes to Catholic teaching on abortion.


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