Mormon-Catholic Conference

I just read about this on another forum:

Mr. Givens wife Fionna will probably, if there, restrain herself from speaking for most Catholics, unlike when she speaks to a Mormon audience.

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Hopefully the dialogue will go well.:thumbsup:

Other than some possible discussion of joint charity work, what on earth can these two groups possibly have to talk about? :shrug:

A schedule including the general topics to be discussed can be found through the link in the OP:

Wait - there’s that word again:

An ecumenical group of religious historians and other scholars will convene at the University of Notre Dame’s McKenna Hall on Dec. 5-6 (Thursday-Friday) for a conference titled “Catholics and Mormons: A New Dialogue.”

I thought general consensus was that ecumenism between Catholics and Mormons just wasn’t possible, because we’re just too far away from Christianity. First that Msgr from the Philippines used the term, and I was told he used it erroneously, or there was a translation error, or some such thing. But now LDS and Catholic historians and scholars are getting together and using the term?

I’m confused. Can there be ecumenism between me and thee, or can’t there?

Perhaps you’re reading too much into this. The Catholic Church uses the word “ecumenism” in a strict sense to refer to efforts aimed at establishing Christian unity, ultimately resulting in all other Christian faiths coming into full union with the Successors of the Apostles and the Church established by Christ, i.e. the Catholic Church. Presumably, because Latter-day Saints differ from orthodox/traditional Christian churches and communities on the fundamental nature of God, dialogue with them (especially in an official capacity, which this conference does not fall under) would not be considered “ecumenical”, again in the strict sense, because it would not fall under intra-Christian dialogue, from the Catholic perspective.

-Decree on Ecumenism, Second Vatican Council Unitatis Redintegratio
(That they may be one)-On Commitment to Ecumenism, Pope John Paul IIUt Unum Sint

From this understanding, the organizers of this conference (which again, is not a Church sponsored official inter-religious dialogue per se, but a University educational conference) are not using the technical definition of “ecumenical” (and further, it is not the “LDS and Catholic historians and scholars” using the term, but the person that wrote the news article), but a looser one, i.e. " A movement promoting worldwide unity among religions through greater cooperation and improved understanding." ( Therefore, I see this as a non-issue.

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Like I said… :stuck_out_tongue:

Question: what is the actual point? Conversion of one to the other? Education on differences that can’t be done separately? Finding common ground (good luck with that one)? I have LDS acquaintances and family, but we know there is such a world of difference that there really is no point in comparison (when comparisons have been made, it’s been by an LDS member trying to gain acceptability by others by comparing certain views that THEY believe are the same…but comes out to very different definitions).

The point is to work together in areas were there is a common interest; charity, right to life, same sex marriage issues, HHS government mandates, etc. This is what the Church does with Protestants, Jewish groups, Muslims, etc. The Pope is calling us to engage in the world, not push away the world (when the don’t agree with us on everything).

This is an educational conference on academic matters related to the two faiths. Universities around the world have been doing such things for a long time (this is nothing new). For example, my alma mater has had conferences on topics related to Christianity and Islam. Remember, religion is also an academic study for scholars with advanced degrees in the relevant fields, hence the conference.


My guess is that BYU is just using this conference as a way to cultivate friendship with ND so that ND keeps its commitment to have four more football games with BYU. That’s probably the reason the American Ride program on BYU-TV recently did a show on the history of Notre Dame.

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