Mormon church bans women from clergy and all male meeting

A Mormon women’s group pushing for gender equality was informed Monday that its members won’t be allowed to protest on church property at the faith’s upcoming conference.

Despite the notice, the group, Ordain Women, says members intend to march into Temple Square and ask to be allowed into an all-male priesthood meeting April 5, reprising a similar protest from last year.


I support the LDS decision on this

I support the LDS church in not allowing protesting on their private property and not letting the women attend the priesthood meeting. Last year, the LDS started publicly broadcasting the priesthood session on BYUTV, and I also believe on the internet like other sessions of general conference. These ladies can watch it at home with their husbands and sons rather than sending them off to the stake center.

Women not being ordained to the priesthood was never something I had an issue with. Polygamy, yes. General treatment of women, especially single women, yes. I don’t have an issue with a male-only priesthood.

I think the Ordain Women group actually have more of a case than the people who think the Catholic Church should ordain women to the priesthood. In the early LDS church, women actually blessed each other and their children openly. They were not ordained to the priesthood or have priesthood authority, but they certainly exercised priesthood power. Even today, women exercise priesthood authority in the temples to provide washings and anointings to other women. I did this when I was an ordinance worker at the temple.

When men and women marry in the LDS temple, they enter into the “patriarchal order” of the priesthood. While women are not ordained to the priesthood in the LDS church, there is an unspoken, untaught, implicit priesthood that women hold. This is why I believe that women will eventually be ordained to the priesthood in the LDS church. I do not believe the priesthood the women will hold will be the same or equal to the priesthood the men hold. It will be different. I believe the women will have different roles and responsibilities in their “priesthood offices”, but they will be ordained nonetheless.

This is not new. This has always been in the LDS church.

And there has been a small group of protesters about this for many years.

I call “big deal” :shrug:

I just recently had a discussion on Facebook about Women and the Priesthood, and from the general consensus of LDS Members on there they all seemed to be VERY open to the idea of women holding the Priesthood if the Lord “revealed” it to be something they should do.
However, they’re also all pretty “progressive” as well. They’ve said that they’d be on board with Homosexual temple sealings if the Lord revealed it. Basically, they’re cool with anything that happens as long as the Lord “reveals” it to them through their prophet. I don’t know if that’s a typical outlook, but all of the 20-somethings that I was discussing with were all of the same mind on it.

Yet in some ways not surprising. It shows complete and total support and loyalty of whomever is sustained as “prophet” and their full belief that he is the “mouth-piece” of the Lord.

I see these statements less about women holding the priesthood or gay sealings and more about sustaining the “prophet” completely and totally.

I agree. It’s simply a necessary corollary of their faith. :slight_smile:

This would be a non-story if this “gender equality group” hadn’t made a fuss. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the Catholic Church the priesthood acts in the
person of Jesus Christ who took the human form
of a male. Knowing Jesus did nothing frivolously
we continue all representation of Christ as male.

In the Mormon Church though there is no such tradition.
I see nothing preventing these women from being

Actually it’s similar in the sense that the reason women are not ordained to the LDS priesthood is because Christ was male, not female.

That is their teaching, their tradition.

It is so obvious they wouldn’t allow women to attend a priesthood meeting for an all male priesthood that I don’t know why anyone would disagree with them. They have an all female meeting the week before. Women shouldn’t have the priesthood in any church – it usually is the first step toward liberalization on moral issues.

You dont seem to understand the dogmas of priesthood that some traditions have, both Catholic and Mormon.

It goes to Christ being a man, not a woman.

I don’t know how you got that idea from what I wrote. Women definitely should not have the priesthood in any church for the very reason you state.

I think the youth of the LDS church are in general more open about priesthood ordination for women because they are used to women being in positions of power and authority in the workplace and government. I absolutely believe as the older generations pass away and the younger ones get into leadership positions and pay more in tithing, women will be ordained to a priesthood in the LDS church. Some of my 30-something LDS friends are more “progressive” and are quite vocal in social media of their support of the Ordain Women movement. My more “conservative” LDS friends would probably be ok with it but they certainly are not agitating for it. My parents, like yours, would probably flip out.

The reality is that female priesthood ordination could easily fit within LDS beliefs. In the anointing ceremony in the temple, women are anointed to become “priestesses unto their husbands”. It doesn’t take much to then argue that women should be ordained to some kind of “priestesshood”.

The only thing that argues against this is that Mormon Church leaders are generally chosen from the most orthodox among them. I don’t see someone with radical beliefs about women and the priesthood ever being chosen. They have pretty much said in the past that women will never get the priesthood. The black men were given the priesthood, but before they were given the priesthood the church was already teaching that eventually black men would be ordained.

The “Sin of Adam” is gender-linked; and must be atoned for only by males to avoid the tragic misfire of blaming the Woman (here used as the title for the Genesis 3:15 foe of Satan used by Jesus of His mother) for the “Sin of Adam” as Adam himself tried to do. Adam had his divine grant of power and authority as steward of life given before the Woman was created. Satan thought it was all over but Adam repented and replied to God’s call. A separate grant of divine power and authority was given to the Woman; to her and through her to her Seed before she had any children. Crush Satan’s head. Woman & Seed, fulfilled in the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, unite all who “hear and obey” Messiah as family. May the Woman & Seed swiftly reign and rule and bring miracles of conversion of hearts and minds, bodies and souls, all for the Most Holy Trinity’s honor and glory.

Have they said that? I don’t know that I have ever heard anything one way or the other with regards to women and the LDS priesthood. I could be wrong though.

LDS prophets can and do make changes when it is expedient. They were preaching polygamy was required for exaltation in the celestial kingdom and were even defiant of the US government until they needed to ditch it so that the US government wouldn’t seize all their property and Utah could join the Union. Now the narrative is much different. A preface to Official Declaration 1 was added last year which begins by stating, “[t]he Bible and the Book of Mormon teach that monogamy is God’s standard for marriage unless He declares otherwise.”

Twenty years ago, some people were excommunicated for advocating expansion of the priesthood to women and discussing Heavenly Mother at length (even advocating praying to her). Today, many LDS women are openly discussing Heavenly Mother and discussing the ordination of women without much fear of excommunication. The environment is different than it was 20 years ago.

You do make a good point that the men who make it to the Big 15 are generally more orthodox and are less likely to listen to appeals by Ordain Women or similar groups. I don’t think that any of the current 15 are really all that amenable to ordaining women. Possibly Uchtdorf though? Hard to say. As has been discussed on other threads, a new LDS prophet could easily throw an older LDS prophet under the bus and change on this issue. They have made big changes before and could do it again. I don’t think Ordain Women will be successful anytime soon, but I do believe the LDS church will ordain women eventually.

I’ve never seen any official teaching like this, could you provide a reference or link to more info.

How about children?

And why do LDS men have priestesses?

Not quite since their view of Christ and the Father
are of subordinate beings, both are created human beings, and equal to Michael the
Not the same at all.

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