Mormon church moves to build a city in Florida

The Mormon church is going to Disney World.

The church-owned Deseret Ranches is going through the bureaucratic process in Florida to win approval to transform rural farmland, used for 65 years to raise cattle, into a metropolis of a half-million residents within a 133,000-acre corner of Osceola County, not far from Orange County, the home of the world-renowned Disney resort in Orlando.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the project would be the biggest development ever planned in Florida. The Sentinel reported the Florida Department of Environmental Protection issued a statement saying the development would cause no “adverse impacts” to water, wetlands and wilderness.

no big deal -the city of Ave Marie in florida has a pretty heavy RC culture-I believe built by a Roman Catholic not the Church itself

nothing wrong with a Church investing in real esate

There are likely to be substantial differences between the two. Ave Maria was founded by a single entrepreneur (Tom Monaghan) who just so happened to be Catholic, for the sake of incorporating a college town to go alongside Ave Maria University, which is a Catholic University. It’s reasonable to expect the “culture” of this city to be very Catholic, and very young, and very college-like given its purpose.

This development by the LDS Church is simply them swapping from one for-profit industry (ranching) to another (real estate). Once developed I would expect the cultural demographics of the place to essentially mirror its surroundings. The LDS Church hasn’t been in the business of starting entire cities in order to relocate its own settlers since the late 19th century.

As long as it doesn’t interfere with the elderly Jewish poker, pinochle, and canasta players in Delray Beach, I’m all right with the idea.

:stuck_out_tongue: you crack me up!

After SLC, Philadelphia and now this it looks more like a real estate development company than a church.

We live north of the planned city. It’s a horrible idea and would cause environmental destruction and the death of many critically endangered species. We didn’t have enough water for The Villages (a great big retirement community that is the size of many cities). Florida sits on a fresh water aquifer that is fed by natural springs and contained in many lakes. Many of those lakes are dry now, due to overpopulation (thank you, Villages). The Mormon city would dry up many remaining lakes spread throughout our region. We already have thirsty wild animals crossing dangerous roads and getting hit because their water sources are dry. We already lost many animals when those lakes dried up or the levels became too low. It also would impact other people who live here. We already had to re-dig our well deeper on our little farm. If Mormon leaders had any respect for the environment, they would not build their giant city here.

Unfortunately, the developers and Mormon leaders are ignoring the warnings and Florida’s politicians are seeing nothing but dollar signs. :mad:

The Mormon leaders are seeing the dollar signs too

Do you have any good reading you’d like to recommend us showing this development to be bad for the environment?

Unfortunately, the developers and Mormon leaders are ignoring the warnings and Florida’s politicians are seeing nothing but dollar signs. :mad:

I think you’re being unnecessarily cynical. The SltTrib article linked above states that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has found that development would cause no adverse impacts, while other unnamed state agencies disagree. This sounds more like the matter isn’t as clean cut and obvious as your first paragraph implies.

Even though Roman Catholics have little in common with Mormons, they have both been persecuted in America for a very long time. The Mormon church also claims that if their doctrine is wrong, the Catholic doctrine is the correct one. They seem to actually look more favorably on the Catholic church than on other Protestant denominations, which is ironic because Mormonism stemmed from Protestantism in the second great awakening, which by the way many groups came out of. SDA’s, JW, Christian Science, Christadelphians, etc. I would say however that although Christian Science regards Mary Baker Eddy as a prophet somewhat as they view “Science and Health” as a sacred text, as SDA’s hold Ellen White’s writings at a high self esteem but not as high as the Bible. Mormons believe the Bible, BOM, D&C, and Pearl of Great Price are all equally the same. However talking to Mormons I question this at times. They seem to hold a greater emphasis on the BOM over the Bible. Maybe I am wrong and they actually view the Bible as just as important. The whole Joseph Smith story is very sketchy however.

They do hold the B.o.M higher than the bible. It is what their religion is molded around. makes for very boring reading and lost time.

"While DEP raised no concerns about the development plan, other state departments singled out fundamental elements of the initiative as inappropriate or ill-advised. Among the concerns raised:

Johns River Water Management District officials urged Deseret and Osceola to drop a proposal to get water by building a dam, which the agency said could cause significant harm to wetlands, the St. Johns River and two creeks bordered by wetlands.

•The St. Johns district warned of potential trouble, also highlighted by the smart-growth group 1000 Friends of Florida, in that the plan’s water strategy extends through 2080 and could be out of step with the region’s overall water strategy, which looks forward for only about half that time.

•Water district officials said significant natural features identified by the plan should include wetlands parcels that are less than 25 acres because they could link larger wetlands or could be arranged in clusters that are environmentally important.

•Florida Department of Transportation officials warned the plan envisions development too spread out and not as densely populated as needed to make public transportation viable, which could result in the need for additional road construction."

It involves wetlands, which means a permit from the army corps of engineers, which means, good luck with that! Community activism can also halt or considerably modify the proposal, so the people in the community should get involved. Attend community meetings, to begin with.

City in Florida, temple in Rome. A guy could write a pretty decent conspiracy fiction story about us.

Don’t forget the records vault at Granite Mountain! :stuck_out_tongue:

Drove past that last week, on my way to hike flowery alpine meadows. There is construction of a new building going on there. The plot thickens. :nerd:

I would rather have the LDS church buying up some land in this country than the Chinese government.

I don’t care who it was that bought that land, but their proposed water expenditure exceeds what the environment can support. Dr. Hackney, from the University of North Florida, is our resident waterways expert. He explains it quite well. If they build, they will make a very bad name for Mormons down here.

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