Mormon commentator Glenn Beck on the Vatican

Wondering if anyone else has seen this. Glenn Beck is very complimentary about the Vatican’s struggle with evil and the Obama administrations latest tactics.

I think he is trying to help soothe the tension between the Catholics and the Mormons in an effort to boost support for Romney and so that we will be more welcoming of their temple in Rome.

Just my thoughts.

I didn’t get that from what he said. I thought he was a little off on the reason that certain bishops were chosen as Cardinals, that being that they were “conervative”. Seems that anyone who actually follows the teachings of the Church is labled “conservative” (as if the Pope would choose Cardinals that were not in line with the teachings of the Church). Other than that I thought he was fairly accurate in his assessment that the Church is at the forefront of fighting evil ant that this administration is at opposite ends of the fight.

This isn’t to say that I’m sure he is probably a Romney supporter.

I could be wrong but judging by Beck’s radio show I don’t think he is a big supporter of Romney and, seeing as how Romney has declined to appear of Beck’s show, I don’t think Romney is a big fan of Beck. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve caught his show but he seemed to be a supporter of Santorum. Of course that could be different now as Beck really supports the “anyone but Obama” stance and with Romney taking a commanding lead for the nomination he may now be pulling for him.

God bless

I’m not sure if you visited the website I referenced. This is really not about wheather or not Beck supports Romney. I am interested in what people think about his take on the Vatican and its fight against evil and the subsequent backlask against the Church that Beck is predicting (and which is already happening).

I can’t pay attention to Glen Beck anymore. He blew me away one day on his show while I was at the gym and I believe Rick Santorum was on the show, or he was speaking about him (can’t remember ) and Glen Beck said that he was a devout Catholic who agreed with using Contraception and that most Catholics in line with Church Teaching agree on this and that the Church should just change this teaching.

I was blown away… I never watch Glen Beck anyway… but literally EVERY CATHOLIC I KNOW is completely against contraception. I was very upset :mad:

I don’t watch him aymore either. This link was sent to me by a frend and so I wathced it and was pretty impressed. I was expecting something different. Overall, I think Beck is “out there”. Nevertheless this thread is about a specific item, not Beck in general.

It seems to me Beck, in this vedio, is recognizing the “power in unity” the Catholic Church, and only the Catholic Church has and what it is standing up for. And when I hear him say “we are all catholic…” I get the sense he feels the Catholic Church is the only chance Christianity has in defeating the evil at hand. As Beck is alluding to, the unity and oneness in the Catholic Church that all non-Catholics have always fought against, is exactly the only thing that can combat this kind of evil. I think this video also points out the weakness and venerability in all non-Catholic thought.

God Bless!!!

:thumbsup: That was my take as well.

Didn’t he used to be a Catholic before conferting to Mormon? Thought he said that once.

He certainly knows how to cry on cue…:cool:

I have to admit that this is the first time in many years that I’ve heard Glenn say anything that I agree with, almost wholeheartedly. I was a big fan of his for a long time, but over the years he changed a lot, mostly when he went from radio to TV. It got to the point that I couldn’t listen to him anymore, because he was becoming more like a televangelist, than the conservative ‘voice of reason’ that I heard at the beginning of his national radio show (the day after 9-11).

A lot of people don’t realize that he’s LDS, now, but he was raised Catholic, and even went to Catholic school. He was the main reason that I started looking into Mormon beliefs, to try and understand why he would leave the RCC for it. I think changing his religion had much more to do with the fact that he somehow blames the Catholic Church for the loss of his mother to suicide. So, when he finally hit rock bottom in his days of drinking and doing drugs, he was looking for a church that was as far from Catholicism as he could find. About that time, his “best friend”, Pat Gray (who is Mormon) did everything he could do to get him to go to the LDS church, and it worked.

What I find interesting about this video, is that over the past year or so, he’s visited the Vatican several times. In the past, he has made some remarks about the Pope and the Church that were extremely ‘uncharitable’, to say the least. I was a member of the GB “Insiders” at the time, and I was very vocal on his message boards about his attitude toward the Church. I wanted him to know that I wasn’t happy about it. I took a lot of flak from some other people (from Mormons and other non-Catholics) that thought I was being too critical of him, but I spoke my mind, anyway.

I’m hoping that his new interest in the Vatican is a sign that he might be considering returning to the Church, but I think it might just be what lax16 said. He might just be trying to ‘build a bridge’, trying to get the Vatican to be more receptive to the new LDS “temple” in Rome, as well as perhaps changing their position in recognizing the LDS church as being “Christian”, although I doubt what he’s doing will have any effect on either of those Church positions. I really don’t think he’s a big Romney fan, due to what he did in Massachusetts. He’s been very vocal about that. I’m certainly not a fan of MR, either. The only reason I could see Glenn ever supporting him would be because he’s LDS.

I know exactly of what Glenn Beck speaks. It is clear to me that the Catholic Church is under attack. Protestants, Mormons, Catholics, and Jew must put our differences aside and stand united againt the very real threat of progressive secularism, because, if the first and biggest domino (The Catholic Church) falls, the rest will soon follow.

The good news is that we know the end of the story. The Cathoilc Church will never fall. But I agree 100% that we must stand up against this threat. It sickens me to think that my own government seeks to impose its will over our Church. I don’t think Obama knows Who he is dealing with here. This is Christ’s Church, not man’s. :thumbsup:

Are they STILL trying to do that? :confused:

Yes. Of all the people in the world to “soothe it over with the Catholics” (most of whom aren’t even aware of any LDS temple in Rome) the LDS Church chooses a radio shock jock. Of course! That’s the most reasonable explanation for Beck’s praise of the Vatican. :rolleyes:

Glenn Beck is a Mormon, but from what I understand he’s never been overly critical of any Christian faith, and certainly not Catholicism. He, more than anything, attempts to speak for Christian unity, because he feels that Christians (in which he obviously includes Mormonism) have common values and should form a united front.

I do hope that he’s right about the Pope appointing conservative bishops as cardinals. I’d like to see the Roman Catholic Church return to a more conservative slant. I’d like to see the Latin Mass restored in the United States, where, (at least where I live), it is extremely difficult to find one.

He is right one thing for sure: all Christians should be supporting the Catholic Church in this controversy with Obama.

I respectfully disagree. I was personally happy to hear that Beck said, essentially, that the Catholic Church is the only religion strong enough to possibly resist the onslaught of a secularism that is essentially pagan in its underpinnings. If the Soros/Obama group is able to roll over the Catholic Church, no religious group will be able to resist them.

I have personally thought the same thing for many, many years; long before I ever heard of Beck. I well remember when my son, then in college, wrote a paper essentially saying that. His professor was, in addition to being a PhD, also a Baptist minister, and he agreed entirely with my son’s thesis.

No, I think Beck is sincere in what he’s saying. I think he’s telling what he truly believes and I think he’s exactly correct in this assessment.

Maybe I didn’t put enough :rolleyes: in that last post. I found it quite absurd that anyone would entertain the idea that of all possible ulterior motives Mr. Beck could’ve had in saying something nice about the Catholic Church, it must be to “smooth things over” with American Catholics after the commencement of construction of an LDS building on the other side of the world which I’d wager the vast majority of American Catholics don’t even know exists.

All of the LDS friends I know, don’t like Romney. I think that Glenn is sincere in his commentary on this considering the czar he helped get removed from the white house a couple years ago.

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