Mormon Family Home Evening...for Catholics?


This question was asked back in 2011 but it didn’t receive any replies. Anyone here have something to contribute?


This is the second thread where the concept of “family home evenings” has been brought up, but no one’s bothered to define it.

I’m a cradle Catholic (and a “revert”) but could probably add something to a conversation about family, if I only I knew what you’re talking about.

Can you explain what this is?



I would be interested in tips and ideas for this, too. I thought of dong this with my husband. The main task would be finding a balance between “dry reading sessions” and “the ordinary family/couple evening”…


I cannot say we are great at FHE, but we sometimes look for ideas (we even have books with ideas). Here is a great list that includes very little specifically LDS things and a mix of Christian/Religious things and just fun family things. I like a prayer to start and end, but sometimes that is the most religious thing that happens.

Charity, TOm


You don’t need to set aside a night for family time. Just be with your family. Fr Peyton always said, “The family that prays together stays together.”


My family does this on Friday nights. It is one of the thing that I actually enjoyed from the LDS Church.


Family Home Evening is when the family unit comes together one night a week to sing songs, pray, read scriptures, and play a family game. There is usually a snack at the end as a treat for the family.


In the diocese of Orange County, Ca. this was tried around 1980.
We tried it in our home and it was a limited success. We left Ca. in 1984 so I am not sure what happened to the program after that. The idea is there are no church meetings on Monday night and the parents plan an evening for the children. Fun and games, family meeting and team building. The Bishop promoted this because the Mormons were known for their strong families. However, the Mormon culture is far different from Catholic. On Sunday they go to church from about 8 am to 2 PM. Their social life is concentrated around the church. High School students are required to attend a class, called seminary, before they go to school each morning. So when dad and mom say we are going to have a family meeting it is no big deal.


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