Mormon family member

I have an Uncle whom I am very close to. He was raised Methodist, breifly visited a Catholic church in his twenties, and then became Mormon almost 30 years ago to marry. (He is now seperated from her, they do not even live in the same state anymore.) He has been to Mass at my parish recently for my son’s baptism and said it was very nice. I have invited him to Mass with me many times, but he has always declined.

Once or twice a month he comes to my house. We watch movies, have dinner and he watches my son while I get a nap or a long bath, or we just talk. He has no friends outside of work in this area and so the days at my house are his only “repreave” from work or his mother (she is living with him). I do not want him to feel uncomforatble at my house. I do not want to take away his “haven” or our time togther.

BUT, I do want him to “see the light”. I have read the reasources available on regarding Mormons. But I don’t want to sound challenging. Is there a less confrontive way to bring him to the truth? He once told my mother the reason he liked being mormon is because they were so nice to him and really seemed to care. So I don’t want to Not be nice.

I appreciate any direction and input.
:slight_smile: Lilder

It sounds like he would respond more to social involvement rather theological discussion. If possible, invite him to your parish social activities, bingo, picnics, etc. Let him get to know the people in your parish. Make sure you ask them to welcome him and get to know him. When the time comes he’ll start asking you questions. That’s my opinion for whatever it’s worth.

I agree, more social contact would be good for him.

If you do talk religion try to understand his and then ask him to explain the things that do not make sense to you. When he sees how illogical Mormonanism is you can point out how logical Catholicism is on the subject. Allways speak with love though.

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