Mormon friend?

I have a Mormon friend. Recently he asked if I would want a copy of the book of mormon. I said yes as it will help me understand their religion. How should I go about from here?

I don’t think you should have taken the book.

If you wanted to more about them, you should have entered into a dialogue with that peson instead because that could have opened doors.

By taking the book, you may be showing them that you’re interested in converting. You cant take the entire book and hope that you can break it down…it’s too much.

Since you said yes, I suggest you follow through by accepting the book and reading it. Remember, your stated goal is to better understand your friend’s religion. Your friend may have other suggestions to get you acquainted with his faith either concurrently or after you’ve finished the Book of Mormon. It doesn’t mean you intend to convert, just that you’re interested in what is so important a part of your friend’s life. How well does he understand your faith? Maybe some mutual sharing is possible, here.

He has not mentioned any knowledge of the Catholic doctrine.

Fire - Along with the Book of Mormon, read An Insider’s View of Mormonism so that you can see where Joseph Smith really got his “revelations” from - and - please know that Mormonism has very little to do with the concepts in the BoM.

For example, there is a traditional view of the Trinity represented in the BoM that was changed by Joseph Smith several years later.
The Hill Cumorah in New York has never been found to have any remains of the great battles said to have happened there.

Also, Joseph Smith and his family were known for using seer stones to look for treasure and were also well-versed in the Bible. He used seer stones to “translate” the Book of Mormon.

If you are going to read it, be prepared to share with your Mormon friend the truth about the Book of Mormon. :thumbsup:

Have you invited him to attend Mass with you? That could be a good next step.

Remember the catholic faith 100% is inline with historical fact

Islam and Mormonism both where visited by an “angel” telling them the catholic faith was false…


Is your friend willing to read a copy of the Catechism?

In what ways does Mormonism split off from the book of Mormon?

No idea next time this comes up I will ask him.

Fire - Here is a very helpful link:

I disagree with the people who are calling for you to burn the book. Yes, it is heretical text; but burning it shows an extreme lack of respect for your friend. Instead, when he goes to give it to you, say that you’ve considered it more, and have decided to decline it. You can then move into why you decided to accept it; citing the extreme historical inaccuracies, and the… shady nature of it’s writer.

Well if your reason for saying yes was because you wanted to read it and “understand” what they’re all about, then what’s the problem?

My hunch is you lied and said “yes” when you really meant “no” and now you have your back against a wall.

No one has suggested burning it???

Fire - this is from For a complete explanation:

Early Teachings of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, which Contradict Present- day LDS Theology

When one examines the Book of Mormon and its teachings, what is interesting is that the Book of Mormon does not contain distinct LDS doctrine. The doctrinal essentials, according to Mormonism, which lead to salvation, are not the same essentials as taught in 1830. Why? Because Joseph Smith changed his teachings, with no explanation to the Mormon people.

The Book of Mormon for example, does not teach: God is an exalted man with a body of flesh and bones; the plurality of Gods; a Mother God in Heaven; Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial heavens; Baptism for the Dead; Celestial marriage; the Law of Eternal Progression; Exaltation (i.e., man becoming a God); the Aaronic Priesthood, the Melchizedek Priesthood and the doctrine of Pre-existence.

These are distinctive LDS teachings that Mormons pride themselves on, but why then, do we not find these teachings before 1832? If Joseph Smith was speaking as God's "prophet," then what he taught in 1830 should be consistent with was is taught today by the Mormon Church. Truth does not change.

Be careful. It looks very good on the surface. If you read the Book of Mormon, it will be hard to get past the plethora of “and it came to pass”

Also be prepared for the “love bombing”. Every mormon in the world is going to be your friend, to the point it gets sickening sweet.

Then, if you disagree with mormonism on any level, you will be shunned, and quite possibly lose your friend.

Their primary objective is conversions. Friendship is #2 or 3.

If/when you have any Mormon friends, co-workers, acquaintances, they are going to give you a BoM. It isn’t a unique or special event. My daughter, a non-Mormon, has been given three BoMs, all before she turned 21 years old. I imagine she’ll collect another three before she is 30. She doesn’t want to read them, and feels disrespectful in giving them or throwing them away. So, they are in the basement, collecting dust.

Me, I’d put them in the recycle bin.

Oh don’t worry the book already looks fake to me. But I still think I will accept it.

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