Mormon ‘glow’ and how to explain it


So these two perfectly sweet LDS girls from the USA tried to evangelise me this evening. I had a really nice chat with them told them I was catholic and thanks but no thanks and I was quite proud of myself as I managed to say that catholics believe the church contains the fullness of truth so I didn’t want to read the Book of Mormon. Thing is I have read about the Mormon glow and a quick google will show that there is even a scientific study where people can pick Mormons out of pictures due to their glowing faces and light in their eyes. If they are not right (and I don’t believe they are) why the ‘glow’? I had a real moment of doubt and felt a bit shaken up . These girls really were great examples


It’d be interesting to see if they’re still ‘glowing’ in ten years time.

(Hey, this may be a partial solution to global warming!)


There’s no glow. They’re just trained to “turn on” the charm to get you to listen to them.


Turns out the study is not really valid (big surprise). But yeah they really were charming and HAPPY it really threw me off. Like never met anyone that happy in my life when I didn’t know them from Adam


Youth and energy most likely. I have no doubt they believe in what they are sharing. So did followers of Jim Jones. I knew several Mormons in the Air Force, and they get as grouchy as the next guy.


I feel a little better now. They invited me to this conference at a hotel in town. I am tempted to go just to see what it’s all about but don’t know if this is a good idea


I wouldn’t go if I were you.


If you go, you may have a hard time distancing yourself from them again as they will persist once you have shown interest.


That’s is very true, I have heard of such a thing happening to someone I know. Their persistence became scary.

Anyway, who wants to glow, it’d ruin your sleep.


You’re probably right. It’s just curiosity more than anything I’ve never spoken to someone from the LDS before and we don’t get too many Americans around here so I was just very fascinated by the way they presented themselves and what they had to say. I told them about my friend who wasn’t allowed to his daughters weddings as they were at the temple and they said ‘yeah it’s tough when that happens that happened to my step mom’. But I got like, no sense that this wasn’t ok


When I was a teenager I was bored in the middle of the night and saw a commercial for a free Book of Mormon. Thinking it would be mailed to me, I ordered one. The very next day they were on my doorstep and it took literally months for them to stop coming by my house. This was because I reached out to them by ordering the book!


“Lead us not into temptation.”
Curiosity is a good reason to stay away.


True, that.


Oh my gosh! Yes there are a lot of them in my town at the moment. They’ve been here for months but the first time I’ve been approached. You would think they would have backed off when I said I had just converted to RC this year, but they didn’t. They did end by saying that they think we have more in common than differences and we shook hands. I told them I hope people are kind to them and they stay safe


They may have thought with you being a newly converted Catholic that you would be easy pickings. Best to be polite and say no thank you.


I’ve never met a Catholic who glowed, that’s a give away in my book.
There was this elderly lady at my church but it turned out to be a skin complaint.


Hahahahaha!!! Xx


Yeah Yr right . Man I hate things like this it messes with me. Probably BECAUSE I converted so recently so I’ve had to be open to learning about new aspects of the faith so now I’m like ‘but what if there is something to it?’ I know there isn’t but yeah was just shaken up


Thank you everyone who has responded it’s helped a lot xx


You know, the answers are all to be found in the Catholic Church founded by Our Lord, supported by Our Lady, the Saints, all the angels in heaven and the Triune God.
Stay strong, God bless.

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