Mormon ‘glow’ and how to explain it


Yeah I’ve seen that aspect of their faith used first hand in a terrible way by a vindictive former friend. He ordered the BOM through their website on behalf of his target as a form of revenge and suddenly they had missionaries stopping by every couple of weeks for months.

They are incredibly friendly (they may even glow as the OP says in the way they’ve been trained to), but they’re almost creepy persistent. It’s easy to see how they can wear people down which I imagine is the point.


Ok I KNOW this is wrong but I am laughing so hard at the prank your ex friend played. :joy: I am Sorry, God! X that is evil genius level right there


I’m glad I’m not the only one laughing.
I shouldn’t be laughing.
But I’m laughing.


Right?! I can just see it in my mind lol


Sweet young kids who believe in what they’re saying do tend to glow. They have youth and enthusiasm, and that’s not a bad thing.

It doesn’t make their theology correct, but I doubt there’s any sinister-ness, either.


I hope they can get to heaven one day too


I have a naturally pessimistic disposition I think. I can have a good time like anyone but my default position is almost like a tired sadness (of being exiled in this world). When I see someone super perky and happy, so much so that my own eyes get wider when talking to them, I want their joy! Because I lack that.
This used to be a real struggle for me wondering why there are so many darn happy people who don’t believe in God while here I am struggling to be joyous.
But I thank God for allowing me to see that He gave me His peace, I do have anxiety sometimes but mostly I have the peace of Christ and I have to grateful He allowed me to see that because that saves me from despair.


Don’t go. You’ll never get rid of them if you do.

Do you get the BYU channel? Their conferences air on that channel and you don’t have to leave home to see them.


@halogirl you seem very impressionable. I’d not get too curious if I were you. :sunglasses:


These are clean living young people in good health who are enthusiastic about their message.

Mormon young people doing missions don’t smoke, drink or chew.


I made the same mistake once. Two nice young, polite men came to my house and spent at least 90 minutes talking to me. They did call me a couple of times after that, but I tried to let them know I wasn’t


If you wanted a free BoM just book at room at a Marriott Inn- the Marriott Family that started the hotel chain were big Mormons and distributed them Gideon style in the hotel rooms.

I worked for a while as a teen for a franchised Marriott owned by a Jewish fellow- and it had BoM’s in the rooms. Probably part of the franchise agreement.

Giving you name, address and phone # in exchange for something isn’t “free”…

Of course you can buy a BoM for maybe $3 in a used book story, and not that much more new. It isn’t very expensive


My boss and his family are all Mormons. I see them every day. Why haven’t I ever heard of Mormon glow?


They’re good people, I think, and they have never tried to evangelize me, but then I have always made it known that I am very happily Catholic, too.

I think that must be my own… Catholic… Charisma:slight_smile:


Maybe it’s radiation poisoning



How did you come up with that?


I can be with some things. God always steers me right though. I doubt I’ll go to be honest.


Go to Adoration for an hour. You’ll come out glowing.


Why waste the money buying it? Both of mine were sent in the mail (a PO box will keep the missionaries away from your door).

The first one, I have no idea how they got the address. I didn’t order it. But it took one word to put me off. “Kolob.”

The second one, I did order from the website after being told by a trusted friend that they’d revised it. Since we’d been discussing Jesus (both the real and the Mormon version) with them online, I felt it was best to have the updated version.

My opinion of the BOM has not changed from my earlier reading of it. But those not well versed in the Holy Bible can definitely be taken in by it if they aren’t careful.


Actually, it depends on the Mormon. They aren’t as clean cut as they lead people to believe. A number of Mormon have told me they do drink, smoke, chew, etc. I said, “What happened to all the wholesome clean living Mormons claim to do?” They said it was just to get people in the door. That they’re human like everyone else with the same addictions as everyone else.


Their glow can be related to diet.

I’ve been told on two occasions that I have glow but this only happened after two weeks of a detox diet where I avoid sugar, alcohol and gluten. :relieved:

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