Mormon ‘glow’ and how to explain it


Mormon missionaries spend all of their time promoting their religion. They don’t have time for fun as we know it. What little time they have to themselves is spent reviewing their missionary handbooks and making their daily reports. :unamused:



I was talking specifically about Mormon missionaries, not the general LDS membership, in reference in clean living. Are they not living “straight edge” style, for the most part?

I certainly know that not every member of every religion is as strict with the rules as they sometimes pretend. But those who are in the public face, it is usually a different situation.



I was speaking of the missionaries too. The wholesome, squeaky clean living is a facade used for the sake of appearances to get people in the door.

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I think it has a lot to do with their community. When you have a strong support network and are sheltered, there are no gray skies or rainy days. Plus, when you believe that you’re a part of the chosen people and better than everyone else on a spiritual basis, it helps to create that glow.



The Hare Krishnas are always happy and they chant their mantras with a lot of enthusiasm. They could go on and on about how they know that ISKCON is true because they feel it in their heart. That’s not unlike what mormons do. Just because a group appears to be happy, that doesn’t mean their theology is correct.

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I used to work with quite a few Jehovah Witnesses for about 4 years and they were very friendly…I had a friend convert to their religion because of it. His elder spent like $700 on him for a few suits to attend their meetings when he was new. I thought that was nice, I guess, but that’s quite a bit of money. But then I noticed that after ward many of the women never wanted children after they married. They didn’t believe Jesus was God or the Holy Spirit. And I also witnessed them shunning a coworker because he left their faith. He had a rough time but he got through it.
All I know is, some Mormons might glow for the above reasons mentioned in previous comments, but these groups have really different beliefs. Even though I have a heart for some of them and their earnest attempts, and they can have a great community, their theology was not for me. Their friendliness can be very enticing as it was for my friend! I am not as familiar with Mormonism as the JWs though. Maybe the girls were wearing some dewy / shimmering makeup :joy:.

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This surprises me - the JWs who are around here (they are big in germany) aren´t against having children.
Being bad co-workers seem to be, sadly, something that occurs often in mixed (JW and non JW) groups.



I was Mormon for 57 years. I’ve seen that Mormon glow. I’ve seen that Catholic glow. The glow radiates from goodness in people. I don’t know that any religion or creed has a monopoly on the glow.

I recently was involved in a service project with fellow Catholics. I’ve never seen more of a glow than I did from the sweet little nun who was coordinating the work that my group was doing.



People need to realize that these Mormon missionaries are mostly 18-20 year old knucklehead males with the same hormones and temptations as every other 18-20 year old knucklehead male. It’s tough being a Mormon missionary and staying squeaky clean for two years. One of my close friends came home from his mission with a very well worn out Playboy magazine that had been passed on from companionship to companionship for almost two years. I’m not judging them. I’m just pointing out that these are boys who still act like boys. Don’t get the false impression that Mormon missionaries are squeaky clean. I’m sure their mission presidents all have lots of hair raising stories that they could tell.



Back when I was in college, there was this gal from Chernobyl . . . .


One of my senior year roommates amused himself by talking the the JW and Mormons that showed up. After a couple of visits, he set a return time for them. Both of them at the same time . . . .

I decided that it was a good morning to be somewhere else.

One of my other roommates, however, wandered through the room to get a beer, and wandered back through with it.

The beer, of course, was unopened, as he wasn’t one to drink in the morning . . .



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But no, it couldn’t possibly the same person surely!

When I was young I had an aunt who used to stutter but only in the evenings, eventually we called someone to fix her table lamp.



This is the answer! Clean-living young people.

When I was 18-22 years old, I glowed, too . Most of us do. Ah, youth!

One other possibility that men might not consider–there are certain skin care products and makeups that do not add color, but do impart a “glow” to the skin. Mormons do not object to makeup, so it’s possible that the “glow” originates with Revlon rather than LDS, at least for the women. Not sure about the men, but there are some pretty nice aftershaves the make the skin glow!




I grew up around Mormons. The happiest most joy-filled Mormon I knew turned out to be severely depressed and suicidal. It just goes to show that you never know what is going on inside a person.



That’s not a glow. It’s smugness. :smile:

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