Mormon initiatory and Rite of Welcome


This week our parish will be having a Rite of Welcome for our new catechumens. I remember going through this last year and thinking how much it was like the Mormon Initiatory ordinances except for the fact that I had all of my clothes on instead of just a shield like we had in the Mormon temple. I suppose Mormons would see that as some proof that their gospel is true because their initiation is so much like what the ancient Catholics did. The main difference is that the Catholic ceremony seemed to be much more dignified than the Mormon ceremony.

The Mormon initiatory is found here:


I assume you are thinking of the white garment and perhaps anointings. These existed in the early Church. It is likely that Smith purloined them from us. Copying us doesn’t make them an ancient Church. I remember someone telling a Catholic the temple rites were like a High Mass and how disappointed he was when he discovered it didn’t come close.

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