Mormon messages

Does anyone else like watching the Mormon messages on Youtube?
I wish the Catholic church would do something like this.

There are some TV commercials from a ministry called Catholics Come Home. During Lent in my archdiocese, you may hear the archbishop announcing invitations to communal penance services.

There are also pages on Facebook such as Catholic Memes, Catholic Pick-up lines, and That Catholic Moment. And then there is the rapping priest, “Father Pontifex”, at a website called Phat Mass. And then, over at Patheos, there is a blog called Bad Catholic, by a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville, who gets quite a bit of secular readers’ (sometimes hostile) attention in the blogosphere.

Yeah, the New Evangelization is doing better than you think :slight_smile:

I’ve seen some of those , the Catholic come home, I don’t get the same confidence in
Christian Theology as such that I do watching the Mormon messages.

I watch and listen to Catholic messages just about every day: EWTN, ZENIT, Catholic Answers, Church Resource, Ignatius on line, Vatican.VA on and on and on.

Also go into iTunes & download podcasts by the droves.

EWTN library is immense.

Then get into links all over: Scott Hahn, Steve Ray, Jimmy Akin, St Joseph Communication, Women of Grace, and on and on

We have so much stuff available it’s a veritable avalanche.

Anyone else would only dream of having so much available!!! :thumbsup:

We even have a expert priest regular on Fox Channel no less. O’Reilly is a Catholic, Laura Ingram; People Dinesh D’Souza & his new film “2016” is interviewed all over the place.

These people are wearing targets on the front lines & not overly sentimental either.

We have real people ALL over the internet & media SPEAKING UP.

Slick advertising that is designed to appeal to emotion. The Catholic Church has so much more than this to offer: Christ Himself. I’ll stick with Him, thanks.

Check out this site:

You may find it to your liking. And if you can’t get the stories section to work on that site (as I just had trouble with), they have a youtube channel.

I take issue with the first thing that they say “trust yourself”…that is so anti-christian! We are to trust in the Lord! This is what ALL christians do and believe! Mormans are not christians…they believe that they can attain god status! They do not believe in the Holy Trinity…the list is too long!!! Do not get sucked into their false prophecies…
Look at the list again…ask yourself the question…Is this founded on God? Or is this founded on man?

We also have Michael Voris. (:

They make me uncomfortable for that very reason. It’s just an ad campaign that appeals to what the general population wants to hear.

Agreed. It’s called marketing. I say it’s the selling of the “warm fuzzies”

There are several “Catholic Channels” on you tube, all you have to do is type “Catholic Channel”, or “Vatican” in their search bar.

There are many uplifting and straight forward videos on there, that are Catholic in nature.

No doubt produced by LDS owned Bonneville International with their unique advertising methods.

We call this uniquely powerful brand of creative "HeartSell"® - strategic emotional advertising that stimulates response.

Bonneville’s Heartsell

I’m quoting myself yes. LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: Just to make sure this was seen. :smiley:

 1) trust yourself: is the first rule of 6 to success given in a speech by Schwarzenegger in his the 2009 commencement ceremony at SCU in reference to my signature, I don't know where you get that the LDS says that. 

I’m quite aware at the God head, holy spirit, and Christ in their theology, I grew up with a lot of Mormons and am very good friends with them.
I don’t know why everyone is so hateful towards them.
I however am referred to the one’s I know as the " unconvertable" after the missionaries had taken me to a tour of the outside of the temple. Where, I later was told that, " everyone who visits eventually converts." I’m just trying to make it through life, I don’t put down anyone’s spiritual wisdom if they are giving it out for free.

Hey where you always LDS before Catholic? or did you have a baptism, conversion, reversion?
Do you miss the organization of the LDS church in comparison to the catholic?
seriously curious,

I was born and raised in a very, VERY devout LDS home. All the rest of my family is still LDS as well.

I can’t say that I really miss the organization. While trying to have my records removed, the “organization” of the LDS Church left a pretty bad taste in my mouth since my Home Teacher, Visiting Teacher, and the Missionaries kept trying to contact me- even to the point of showing up at my door without giving me a heads-up- after I politely asked them several times not to. I do understand WHY their network is set up the way it is (best way to keep people from feeling excluded), but on a personal basis it made my exit from the LDS church a relief.

One of the few things I DO miss is the primary songs, but I’m teaching several of them to my children now anyway.

One thing I’d like to point out even though I don’t think it was directed at me is that MANY of us on here LOVE Mormons. We really do. But the LDS church as an organization is something that has been hurtful, manipulative, and fairly wishy-washy historically. It’s not that we hate the LDS people, it just frustrates us that there are people out there willing to defend the LDS church when it is a very clear misuse of Christianity. There’s definitely a differentiation there between organization and individual, y’know?

NEWSFLASH to all readers here!

EVERY COMMERCIAL MESSAGE is designed to appeal to emotion.

That includes the Catholic “Coming Home” commercials as well as the mormies.

The good ones are just very subtle

Very well said.

Yes they are. The difference here is, Catholics Come Home isn’t put out by a marketing firm that is owned by the Vatican.

And it is aimed at Catholics.

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