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i juat returned from visting the shrine of our lady of medjugorgie in bosnia.en route there were mormon missionaries on the plane and were very outspoken about their faith.they started proselytizing on the plane,by wandering around and looking for an empty seat .two seats ahead of me,one missionary sat next to a muslim lady from turkey.i just couldnt believe what i was hearing from her ,as she started her sales pitch.she claimed that the mormon church was the true christian church and that joseph smith was god anointed prophet.their conversation lasted over two hrs,even if the muslimg lady was not interested.i just couldnt believe how bold and daring these missionaries were.if she was alone,i cpuld have said something,but they were about 20 of them and they were very raucous.they always target catholic countries and not the arab,hindu or buddhist world!

Recommended insight to Mormon tactics used by missionaries:
Go to 8:00 minutes to 13:03 minutes of Episode 333: Book of Mormon Tactics (or watch whole episode if you want). “FIRST, to know that Pol Pot is true, YOU MUST BELIEVE POL POT TRUE!

It’s part of Mormon missionary training to run in groups of at least 2. They never go it alone unless it is unexpected (unplanned). They’ll sometimes go it alone online as well, since there is less risk.

But yes, the Mormons do have some extraordinary and outlandish claims, especially given the history and beginning of their “Church”.

Its very easy to deal with a proselytizing Mormon, you proselytize right back! The first thing you must not do is attack! You have to remember that these people have been brainwashed from a very early stage and believe what they are preaching! No, you must befriend your Mormon friend, so as not to put him on the defensive and win his trust with an aim to showing him the truth! I speak as one who converted two Mormons who came to my door, I encouraged them to come back [which wasn’t hard] and gradually won them!:yeah_me:

Awesome for you!

Did -

Curious what you said on the first visit to your door?

Remember, God does the winning of souls. We are only his tools.

First of all…I don’t know why anyone should be surprised that ANY missionary is bold when acting upon their mission. Perhaps we Catholics could do with a bit more of this ourselves (in charity of course).

That said - I agree with Didascalia that you should “proselytize right back”…of course how much you can do depends on the particular circumstances…but surely you can engage any such missionary in conversation that both allows them to share their faith with you and you share ours with them.
In such charitable conversation one can easily challenge them by asking questions related to certain fundamental assumptions of their faith (here I refer to the great Apostasy) and the supposed loss of the keys…
I have found that the missionaries are unable to give a specific point in history where this (supposedly) occurred - other than to say that it was sometime after the last Apostle died.

Of course there are tracts offered here at CAF and other places that would give one even more points for discussion…

Just my 2 cents worth…


I just explain I am already Christian, thank them for their efforts, and gently dismiss them. This has been when they come door to door or approach me on the street. I’ve never had an issue on an airplane such as you describe, but I know the airlines do not allow anyone to bother people on the plane.Simply press the button to summon the stewardess and let her tell the Mormon to return to his or her seat. They crack me up anyways, 20 somethings with a badge that says “Elder”. lol

they were my co passengers from chicago to germany.probably from there they splitted to go to their assigned destination.i believed one of the stewardess was a mormon ,as she was engaging in a long chat with them.i overheard someone stating that they were 75k of them scaterred globally.i remember vividly , when i was a child ,once mormom missionaries were spotted ,townfolks were advised to shut down their businesses and homes and never open the door, until they left.we were all scared.unfortunately,nowadays, my hometown is not 100% catholics anymore.the influx of other christian religions have destroyed families,culture,tradition ,camaraderies etc.

My first instinct when attacked by Mormons is to be rude to them for they are so exasperatingly WRONG. But they’re brainwashed, so how can a normal person with a real relationship with Jesus even speak to them?! Sometimes I feel sorry for them and then I remember that they are really only robots doing their 2 years’ service and then will return to their real faith, that of making money.

The fact is that unless we have the Cross always in us and before us we have no power at all against these people, so I’ve learned to speak quietly in tongues to myself and the Spirit gives me the words to say to them or simply walk away without getting angry or exasperated.

When I was about 13, two “elders” came to the front door of our house. There was a flight of about 14 steps with a landing about half way. My mom came out the front door swinging a broom and chased them off the stairs. I prefer the gentler approach.

I point to the crucifixes in our living room and tell them we are devoted Roman Catholics deeply committed to our faith - just as they are committed to theirs. We chit-chat about about where they grew up and where they live, then I send them on their way and tell them, “Keep the faith.” (coz I don’t want it)

They leave wondering if Catholics are supposed to be nice like that.

Tell you what though. Didascalia is right on the money! Invite them back! Or invite them in for a lemonade (summer) or cocoa (winter). Do your homework, first, though.

Suddenly I’m eager for two guys in white short-sleeve shirts with black neckties to start wandering down our street. :yup: :yup: :yup: :extrahappy:

DO NOT invite them in !! They only want to sell books, and will continue to visit you for this purpose. Their purpose in life is to do good business. that is their real ‘religion’. They have no spirituallty at all. They even say they can baptise people who are dead into their sect!

Crazy they may be, like foxes, but they are real bulldozers at getting what they want.

They cannot be encouraged. It’s fatal - for the nerves !

I have to defend the Mormons for a second. They aren’t selling anything (in a financial sense). It doesn’t cost to join their Church and any information they give you is free. Inviting them in is a perfect time to witness to the truths of Christ’s only true Church, the Catholic Church.

Yes they do sell things ! A friend of mine invited them into her house in a moment of pity and was hounded thereafter by their business tactics of wearing down prospective buyers of their books. They sell books. Period.

Having had several friends who have served missions, and having frequently invited missionaries into my home to wittiness to Catholic truths, I know what you are saying is untrue. Book of Mormon = free. It’s the only book they offer. You might be confusing Mormons with JWs, Adventists or some other group, but LDS missionaries do not sell anything. They might have followed up with her because anyone who invites them in, they see as prospective converts but the moment you tell them to leave you alone, they generally do.

Just a rhetorical, speculative I-wonder thought:

What if Roman Catholic young adults, men and women, had a resource like “Preach My Gospel” (see and the expectation that they would spend two years knocking on doors someplace on their own totally out of their comfort zone? What kind of impact would that have on our Church?

Maybe one more: Should religion be about competition? “Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world” we read. “The Catholic Church is the Largest Christian Church in the world” we are told. “The second largest religious group in the world is lapsed Catholics.” It’s not the quantity; it’s the quality - one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.

Not rhetorical: Shouldn’t ALL of us be doing more to share those truths we profess in the Nicene Creed? :confused:

The missionaries are recruited for two years. But according to someone higher up in the mormon faith that was on EWTN and had since quit the mormans, they do this not necessarily to recruit new members to the faith, but rather to form these missionaries in their faith for life. Because if someone proclaims and defends their church, this is an effective way to make them deeply mormon and strong members. And they must finance their own way.

Of course the missionaries aren’t told this for obvious reasons.

I think if we had a resource like “Preach my Gospel” it would be wonderful. While I’m not the biggest fan of the door knocking method, it would at least be useful in street evangelization or other similar efforts.

I didn’t know there were mormon missionaries. hmm.

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