Mormon Mother Goddess? Married to GOD?


Mormons please tell me who is this mother Goddess? Is she supposed to be married to God? If so, dosn’t this seem just alittle odd to you?


I’m not Mormon, but I can tell you this ~ The “mother goddess” is referred to as “Heavenly Mother” and she is the spouse of God, our “Heavenly Father”. According to the LDS church, we are the spirit children of Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father and lived in heaven before we came to earth and received our bodies. Heavenly Mother gave birth to our spirits. I’m not sure how that works tho’.

One of the other spirit children of Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father is Jesus, our “elder brother”. Another is Lucifer, who rebelled against God and took 1/3 of the heavenly hosts with him in his rebellion and who is now more commonly known as Satan.

You don’t hear too much about Heavenly Mother, but those are the basics about her, her husband and her children



can’t wrap my mind around that one…


Mary is the Daughter of God the Father
Mary is Mother of God the Son
Mary is Spouse of God the Holy Spirit
Mary is Queen of Heaven and Earth

We all know that the Blessed Mother is NOT devine nor part of the Godhead, Mary could never be considered a “Goddess”. She is our Spiritual Mother as given to us by Jesus from the Cross.

Sounds like the Mormons took what has been believed by Christians for 2000 years and twisted it to fit into some “different” theology that would have had the Apostles scratching their heads in confusion as to WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT!:eek:

The LDS faith confuses me to no end, and the more I learn, the more confused I get.:shrug:


Hi love4Mary,

So far as I know, according to LDS theology “Heavenly Mother” is not the same as Mary, the human mother of Jesus.

Don’t know if that adds to the confusion or not, but I thought I’d make that distinction for the sake of clarity.


Actually, the Mormon god is thought to have countless goddess-wives - an extension of the Mormon doctrine of Eternal/Plural Marriage (aka Polygamy). Some Mormons will tell you it is not “official” Mormon doctrine, but it has been consistently taught by LDS prophets and apostles since the days of Joseph Smith. They have also taught that Jesus was/is polygamously married and had children. Some Mormons believe this, others do not, and still others are unaware of any of these teachings.


Good point, perhaps it would be more accurate to say “Heavenly Mothers”.


Just to set the record straight (for Paul), the “doctrine” of the church is that if there’s a Father, there’s a Mother, but we don’t know a lot about her. While some have spoken of “wives” in heaven, most of this has been speculation. Clearly, however, for those like Abraham that have reached their exaltation, it’d make sense to receive those to whom they had on earth. In other words, if you believe in the exaltation of man, the “eternal polygamy” idea makes sense.

But why don’t we speak of Her?.

If you take it from the Father’s position, I daresay She is His Pearl of Great Price…not meant for being cast before swine, mocked, and demeaned. If I were God the Father, I’d certainly not want people disparaging my wife in hyperbole and disrespect. But certainly, she exists. It makes a lot more sense than calling God the Father under the Trinitarian defintion, considering he is void of passion, shape, and gender.

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Of course when one can only accept a god made in the image of oneself, then a limited god and his limited wife are posited.



Where did this “limited” idea come from? Thanks for the erroneous strawman…

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I might with boldness proclaim from the housetops that God never had the power to create the spirit of man at all, God himself could not create himself" (Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pp. 354)

I think this quote demonstrates that Joseph Smith posited a limited God.


Paul…I see what you’re saying. Touche.

So that being the case,

I might with boldness proclaim from the housetops that God never had the power to create the spirit of man at all, God himself could not create himself" (Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pp. 354)

Was God so powerful as to create himself?

Don’t limit God!

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This reducio is ridiculous.


God was not created.


Don’t limit God! How could you! You don’t think God’s all powerful! Hertic!


My point exactly,
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The limited idea comes from the LDS version of God which limits Him in the need of a physical body to be God; so, no thanks are needed since I constructed no erroneous strawman.


On the contrary…I think it shows is power to be able to not be bound by walls, elements, nor nature WITH a physical body!

Besides…didn’t Jesus have a physical body after His resurrection? What’s your take on it?

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Folks, just FYI ~ this “Jesus has a physical body, Jesus is God, so God has a physical body” is straight out of Mormon Missionary training.


Where’s that quote from? The “Mormon Missionary training” wouldn’t have worded it so incoherently, so don’t quote something that doesn’t exist!

They have bodies because that’s what you get when you’re resurrected…an immortal body.

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Actually it shows the vivid imagination of a kid who had too much tiome on his hands.


Darn those Apostles for attesting of a risen Christ with Flesh and Bone!!!

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