Mormon Patriarchal Blessing?

I’ve heard of this before, but just now I was chatting with my ex-Mormon fiance about our recent readings out of Genesis, and the subject arose. I asked her what a Patriarchal Blessing is. She isn’t exactly sure in all of its details. She says that in hers, the “patriarch” told her that she is descended from the line of Manassah. I asked her if this means that she is descended in a genetic way from this tribe, but she doesn’t know.

So, I am asking any of our Mormon residents to please explain for me. Do Mormons believe that some of them are descendents of the Hebrews? BTW my fiance is Mexican!

Well with her Lamanite blood that should be easily answered! lol :smiley:

“Receive a patriarchal blessing. Study it carefully and regard it as personal scripture to you—for that is what it is. A patriarchal blessing is the inspired and prophetic statement of your life’s mission together with blessings, cautions, and admonitions as the patriarch may be prompted to give. … Receive your patriarchal blessing under the influence of fasting and prayer, and then read it regularly that you may know God’s will for you” (Ezra Taft Benson, in Conference Report, Apr. 1986, 56; or Ensign, May 1986, 43–44).

This is from a different article by James E Faust. Both of thse came from Empahsis added by me.

The Blessing

When moved upon by the Holy Spirit, the patriarch makes an inspired declaration of the lineage of the recipient together with such blessings, spiritual gifts, promises, advice, admonition, and warnings as the patriarch feels inspired to give. It is in essence a prophetic utterance.

Patriarchal blessings should be read humbly and prayerfully and frequently. They are very personal but may be shared with close family members. A patriarchal blessing is a sacred guideline of counsel, promises, and information from the Lord. However, a person should not expect that the blessing will detail all that will happen to him or her or be an answer to all questions. The omission of the blessing of a great event in life such as a mission or marriage does not mean it will not happen. My own blessing is short and is limited to perhaps three quarters of one page on one side, yet it has been completely adequate and perfect for me.

Your question was:

“Do Mormons believe that some of them are descendents of the Hebrews?”

The answer to that question is a definite “yes”.

patriarch is a specific calling within the LDS priesthood like a bishop or stake president. It usually exists at the stake level (diocese) and is equated in mormon doctrine with the new testament title of “evangelist”. Their purpose is to give patriarchal blessings. this is a formal ordinance (like a sacrament) that is normally only performed once in a lifetime. one must obtain a recommend from their bishop to ensure their worthiness and readiness for this. These are intended to model the blessings given by the Old testament patriarchs like Isaac and Israel. They always pronounce “lineage” to show a person where they fit into the house of israel. This is usually specified as being either literal or by adoption. (example: you are of the house of ephraim by birth) lineage is always one of the 12 tribes and most folks are either ephraim (white) or manasseh (hispanic or pacific islander). I have seen some others. Usually these are said to be “life guide” showing what God intended for your life. (provided you are obedient) some that I have seen are very much like horoscopes in that they are generic feel good. Some, including my own get pretty specific. My grandmothers was like a JW prophecy. It didn’t come to pass and there was no way it could have regardless of how obedient she was but it is still considered accurate because somehow God meant it figuratively and/or symbolically and we just don’t get the meaning yet because of our limited mortal understanding. most mormons get these in their later teen years but it is not uncommon to see folks wait until adulthood. My wife was married with children before getting hers, my oldest son was 14 when he got his.

The lack of historical proof and the recent articles about the DNA research on native peoples in the Americas says a resounding

NO !

[LEFT]It’s a pantheology, not a monotheistic religion.

An aside, my Jewish wife gets a kick out of being considered a ‘Gentile’ when we’re in Utah.[/LEFT]

Thanks for all the replies and info. Much appreciated.

You asked what Mormons believed. I gave a simple answer. I’m not looking for an argument.

How about a discussion or debate on the subject?

Pax Christi Catholic Guy

No amount of discussion or debate will change what you or I believe, so what’s the use?

It would shed some light on a very confusing belief in the Mormon Religion.

I personally would like to see the reasoning behind the claim.

This is a forum after all…people join to discuss.

Get to know the Catholics here…we dont bite Mormons.

We prefer to munch on the Protestants.

That is not true considering I used to be a very faithful and devout member of the LDS Church.

Pax Christi,

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What, specifically, would you like to discuss [not debate]?

Lets discuss the Patriarchal Blessing of Lorenzo Snow Given by Joseph Smith, Sr.

Given 15 December 1836 in Kirtland Temple

Brother Snow. In the name of Jesus Christ, and by the authority of the Holy Priesthood, I lay my hands upon thy head, and give to thee a Father’s Blessing. I ask God to have mercy upon thee, who art but a youth. Thou hast been diligent in thy application to learn; God has looked upon thee from all eternity and has been bountiful in gifts. He has given thee intelligence, talent, and great faculties of mind, that thou might be useful in His cause. Thou hast a great work to perform. God has called thee to the ministry. Thou must preach the gospel to the inhabitants of the earth. Thou shalt become a mighty man. Thou shalt have great faith, even like the brother of Jared. Thou shalt have power to translate thyself from one planet to another. And power to go to the moon, if thou desire; power to preach to the spirits in prison; power to render the veil and see Jesus Christ at the right hand of the Father. There shall not be a mightier man on earth than thou. Thy faith shall increase and grow stronger, until it shall become like Peter; **Thou shalt restore the sick; the diseased shall send to thee their aprons and handkerchiefs, and by thy touch, their owners shall be made whole. ** Thou shalt have power over unclean spirits. At thy command the powers of darkness shall stand back, and devils shall flee away.

**If expedient, the dead shall rise, and come forth at thy bidding – even those who have long slept in the dust. ** Thou shalt have long life – live to the age of Moses, yet shall not be old. Age shall not come upon thee. The vigor of thy mind shall not be abated, and the vigor of thy body shall be preserved. Thou shalt have power to stand in the flesh and see Jesus Christ come in the clouds. No power on earth shall be able to take thy life, so long as thy life shall be useful to the children of men. Thou shalt preach the gospel as long as there is an ear to hear, or a head to bless. Thou must open thy mouth and the Lord will fill it with arguments. Thy voice shall cause the earth to tremble. Thou must pray for thy kindred and be diligent and they shall all receive a Celestial Glory.

Thou art the seed and lineage of Abraham thru the loins of Joseph and Ephraim and thou art entitled to these blessings. God will give thee a companion of thy hearts desire, and thou shalt have prosperity. Thy sons shall be large and mighty men, even large in stature. Thou shalt sit in council with the One Hundred and Fifty Four Thousand and be able to sing the songs. This is thy blessing, of the Holy Priesthood, I seal thee up to eternal life.

Amen and Amen.

Taken from the family records of Lillion Melba Duke Yeats.

Let’s start with the bolded sections, Did Lorenzo Snow do any of the things that Joseph Smith Sr. claim he would do?

Really, now, Catholic Guy, you think chasjohn or Zerinus or wademann or c_miles will answer a direct question like this?

God bless you, but I won’t hold my breath.

Pax Christi


ps Dang good post!

An attorney avoiding confrontation? Read on chasjohn, and do not comment if this is your inclination.

We Catholics can and will answer any question. You as a non-Christian Mormon may not like the answer, but it will address YOUR question.

However, since you are new hereabouts, find Zerinus and click on the link to all of his/their posts.

Notice the name calling and resorting to “I have it on the testimony of the Holy Spirit” whenever confronted with a difficult question concerning your church’s pantheological beliefs.

If you don’t want to stay and defend your right as an American to believe in gods and multiple planets and eternal progression and polygamy and dark skin being an indicator of evil, then go to an LDS site where there is always room in the Amen Corner for another True Believer.

But avoid the word games: this isn’t an acknowledgement (to put it in terms you might prefer) of the existence of federal action, it is a discussion on whether that action is applicable to the issue at hand.

Pax Christi

Come on, Zerinus, I know you’re there! Join in!

Apparently he did. We believe that partiarchal blessings need not all be fulfilled in this life, but partly in the next. I do not have the information at hand to give you the source of the quote right now, but I have read reliably that Lorenzo Snow appeared in a vision after his death to someone and informed him that he had fulfilled those assignements as a spirit in the spirit world.


Which planet was Snow on? Was it Kolob?

And, is Kolob a planet or a star (there seems to be a rift among Mormon scholars on this point)?

I guess Zerinus had to catch the last starliner to Kolob.

Oh well. Let’s pray he returns and reads some more.

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