Mormon Polygamy

I wish something could be done. It’s so sick.


I wish something could be done. It’s so sick.

One clarification, these groups that are practicing polygamy are not Mormon. They are radical offshoot groups that practice their religion and try to run their communities outside of the law. They are very similiar to the Branch Davidians and other extreme cult groups.

Polygamy is against the teachings of the LDS Church and has been since the 1890’s. The folks this article speaks of do not even claim to be Mormon.

As a side note, while polygamy is certainly not a good thing, in my opinion it is not as bas as the “Serial Polygamy” practiced by the majority of Americans :frowning:


these poor women and girls. i have seen this a number of times on talk shows. mormans are a different kind of people though. my friend wasnt allowed at his brothers mormon wedding because he had left the church and became catholic. The church officials said that he wasnt allowed in the holy place and therefore couldnt attend the wedding. this is just a sad case of a bunch of sick loser dirty old men who cant remain faithful to one woman. its legalized child molestation. what a bunch of sickos.

personal note: remove Utah from list of places i want to see.

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